Our hot tips: How to host the perfect conference

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Our hot tips: How to host the perfect conference

Hosting a conference is no easy feat – between the formalities and entertainment, through to A/V and lighting, leaving a lasting impression relies on more than just seamless execution. 

As Australia’s leading integrated entertainment destination, the team behind The Star Sydney’s multi-award winning, world-class event venues knows a thing or two about creating conferences for clients that live on well beyond lights out. 

We spoke with Samantha Valente, Director of Events at The Star, winner of the National MEA Awards for Best In-house Event Management Team, for her tips on how to create a memorable conferencing experience.

1. Suss out your space 

The physical space you choose for your event is important because it will inform the overarching guest experience. A space should be comfortable, spacious, accessible and convenient, but it also needs to be flexible to facilitate a natural flow of activities. 

The Star Event Centre maintains a flexible 1,077 square metre space with other generous capacities. 

2. Customisation is key

Personalisation is the flavor of the year, and for good reason. Clients want a conference that is bespoke and tailored to their unique objectives and simply won’t settle for less.  The Star Event Centre is uniquely placed to offer clients unrivalled customisation, granting them access to signature restaurants, entertainment options and world-class A/V, all under the one roof. Our in-house event team can expertly weave together the components to deliver a flawless event that exceeds expectations. 

3. A team of passionate professionals is paramount 

The Star Event Planners are considered a trusted partner for the delivery of the most engaging events that truly wow clients and guests time and time again. They know that the most impressive conferences are the most carefully planned and will work with clients to make their ideas a reality and ensure set up, sponsor requirements, food, accommodation and the space are meticulously tailored to their needs.

4. Don’t let technology be your travesty

We’ve all been on the flip side of this. Think: dodgy speakers interrupting speeches or PowerPoint presentations that won’t load. The outcome of this is messy and often overshadows what might otherwise be a wonderful guest experience. 

The Star believes the best outcome when it comes to tech is an experience that is so seamless that it goes unnoticed. As one of Australia’s most technologically advanced venues, the team can alleviate any cause for concern. Equipped with industry-leading A/V technology, including one of the largest high-resolution light-emitting diode (LED) screens in any event space in Sydney, it boasts an endless variety of visual event production and broadcast capability with high speed fibre links on-site, making it possible to broadcast anywhere in the world.