Who can play?

It is open to anyone attending the Casino, it is not a requirement to be an absolute rewards member. 

NB: Star may choose to change this to encourage further Star member enlistment.

How many players can there be on a team?

A team can have up to 10 players but must have a minimum of 2. 

How are teams identified?

Teams collect a Star branded answer sheet from the MC at the start of the night and put a team name on the sheet. When sheets are collected for the marking of the first half names will be entered at that point.

Teams must maintain the same name for the duration of the competition. 

How is the trivia formatted?

2 x halfs of 20 questions each for team’s competition.

There are also spot prizes which are available to the first player who indicates he / she has the correct answer to the MC (jugs of beer and F&B offerings).

How do players indicate an answer for a spot prize?

Players can indicate they have the correct answer by raising their hands and calling out ‘OY’

How long does the competition run each night?

From 7.30pm for approximately 2.5 hours.

What are the weekly prizes?

1st prize - $500 Cash

2nd prize - $100 Star Gift Card 

3rd prize - $50 Free Bet Voucher 

How is the winning team determined each week?

Each week 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes will be awarded to the teams on the basis of the total number of correctly answered question across the two halves of the competition 

What if 2-3 teams end up with the same points total for 1st, 2nd and / or 3rd prize?

In the event of a tie with first place, the $500.00 cash can be split between teams. This will not apply to second and third place prizes. 

Who runs the competition each week?

The MC on the night is in charge of the competition and responsible for making final judgments regards disputes and / or potential rule violations.

How are questions marked and answers advised?

On submission of sheets to the MC at the end of the first half there is a break while the MC and assistant(s) check the answers. Once this is done scores are presented on the white board (?) and sheets returned to teams with answers being announced to the players.

The same happens at the end of the second half with final totals for 1st and 2nd halves being put on the board along with ultimate overall totals.

What happens if an answer is disputed?

In the case of any disputed answer the MCs decision is final with no argument being entered into. THIS IS A RULE OF STAR TRIVIA and all teams entering the competition understand and accept this unequivocally.

All efforts will be taken to ensure that, at the time of playing, all questions are correctly formatted and all answers are accurate in terms of the question asked.

In the event of a patron(s) continuing to argue after the MC has advised a decision, the team will be disqualified from playing for 1st, 2nd or 3rd prizes that night.

If, despite this, further argument ensues the team may be asked to leave and be deleted from further competition altogether.

The MCs decision is final.

Use of external assistance by teams?

Star trivia is Sydney’s most prestigious trivia competition with significant prizes on offer.

Teams and players are not permitted to use:

  • any mobile device including mobile phones, iPads etc
  • written support such as notes, reference books, newspapers or external input from patrons or other teams gain an advantage

How is a team’s use of external assistance monitored and controlled?

The MC will, each week, make an announcement at the start of the night regards the rules against using any kind of external or third party informational assistance.

The MC and assistant will monitor team activity on the night.

Where a team is, or is reasonably suspected, of attempting to gain assistance through an external source the MC will give a warning then if it is considered that the team is still using an external source to assist with their answers then the MC can, without any question.

  1. Exclude that team from being able to win a place’ prize on the night
  2. Exclude the team from that nights competition altogether
  3. Exclude the team from the trivia competition that night and moving forward
  4. Request Star security ask the team to leave the area

Grand Final Night

The only teams allowed to enter will be the winning teams from the prior weeks.

Teams may choose to increase their size but the maximum number of players on any team cannot exceed 10.

No spot prizes will be given out on the final night and the overall team questions will increase to 60, broken into 4 sections of 15 questions each.

The only prize awarded on the Grand Final night will be first prize to the team that attains the maximum number of points.