Tsai Chin

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Tsai Chin Live in Australia



Thursday, 4 October 2018 from 8:00pm


THE STAR EVENT CENTRE | Level 3 at The Star


蔡琴作为歌坛常青树,长期活跃在舞台上,皆因她的歌声听过之后容易上瘾,歌迷会寻着她的歌声找到自己的故事。在华语乐坛的四十年里,蔡琴举办过无数场演唱会,每场都有着让人听了还愿意再去聆听的感动。她的演唱会每一次都推陈出新,带给每个人最有新意的景点和最温馨的歌声与回忆。10月4日,The Star星港度假城,等你来陶醉!

Tsai Chin's story began with a singing competition during her first year in college.  At that time, school ballads with a guitar accompaniment was very popular.  She found her favourite guitar in the process and began her successful music career.  She reached her prime in the 80s, picking up numerous music awards with numerous tours across Asia, Europe and USA.  Tsai has released 41 albums and is widely popular amongst the Chinese communities.  One saying goes "Wherever there are Chinese, you will find Tsai Chin".