Crabs Feast at Harvest Buffet

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Feast on fresh crab

Served fresh as well as in special dishes, crabs are making Harvest Buffet even more irresistible. 


Tuesday, 12 June - Sunday, 5 August 2018.


HARVEST BUFFET | Level 1, Astral Residences at The Star.


Tuesday and Wednesday 
LUNCH $41.90 per adult
DINNER $50.90 per adult

Thursday and Friday
LUNCH $41.90 per adult
DINNER $71.90 per adult

Saturday and Sunday
LUNCH $50.90 per adult
DINNER $71.90 per adult

Excludes Monday.


“It’s no secret that crab is one of the most treasured seafood – tender, fresh and sweet” - Jean Moutou - Head Chef, Harvest.

Fresh crab is the star attraction at Harvest Buffet right now. Served on ice, as well as in a variety of delicious cooked dishes, these sumptuous crustaceans are making Sydney’s ultimate buffet even more irresistible. You’ll find this delectable addition every Tuesday to Sunday at Harvest - but only for a limited time. So get your family and friends together and get your claws on our fresh crab.


Excludes Monday. *Blue Swimmer and Chilean crab available Tuesday to Sunday and Alaskan and Spanner crab available Thursday to Sunday. Menu items subject to change based on availability.