Le Quen

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Le Quen - The Queen Of Music Tea Room


Saturday, 20 April 2019


The Star Event Centre | Level 3 at The Star Sydney


On sale soon.


In the last year of the 2000's, she released a series of music products that were commercially and professionally successful, including albums Lời Yêu Còn Mãi (2007), Lệ Quyên Acoustic(2009), Nếu Như Ngày Đó (2009). Since 2010, she has been releasing a special edition of albums following songwriter theme for each album: Vùng Tóc Nhớ (10 nameless songs of Vũ Thành An, 2014), Còn Trong Kỉ Niệm (Thái Thịnh, 2016), Lệ Quyên & Lam Phương (2016), Lệ Quyên & Trịnh Công Sơn (2018). In 2013, she held the liveshow Q Show with 11 billion Vietnam dong budget as later it was the biggest liveshow at that time.


She is well known for serious, professional and well-prepared devotion in music career from ballad, old songs to pre-war songs since the very beginning of her career in the 2000s. She leaves unforgettable remark to the audience for performing many different genres and being famous for performance of many songs from Vũ Thành An, Trịnh Công Sơn, Thái Thịnh, Lam Phương and she is named Queen of Music Tea Room or Queen of Old Songs. Besides, she was also the judge of Bolero Idol (2017), consultant for Vietnam Idol (2012), X-Factor (2014) and The Voice Vietnam (2015) and also starred in TV drama Bản Lĩnh Người Đẹp (2004) of director Nguyen Anh Tuan.