Indulge This Autumn

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This Autumn it is time to indulge and enjoy a dose, or two, of the finer things in life; decadent dishes, great wine and whisky pairings, delicious desserts, long lunches and luxury spa treatments. 

At The Star Sydney, we have an array of luxurious temptations throughout our season of indulgence.


Whisky pairing perfection

Take off on a whisky flight that elevates your senses. Our selection of single malt Japanese Whisky flights paired with smoky beef tataki will transport you to Japan.

Sokyo Indulgence Menu

Flight 1 - Shinshu Mars Distillery $80​​

Iwai Blended Malt​​

Maltage Cosmo Blend​​

The Lucky Cat Mint Blend


Flight 2 - Hakushu Distillery $120​​

Single Malt Yamazaki Distillers Reserve




Flight 3 - Yamazaki Distillery $150​​

Single Malt Hakushu Distillers Reserve​​




Flight 4 - Suntory Hibiki Blended Malt $210​​

Hibiki Harmony​​



BLACK Bar & Grill

Three succulent meats, one alluring red

$290 serves two guests

Treat your taste buds to a taste of heaven with aged lamb loin, Kurobuta pork and Wagyu tenderloin cooked to perfection on the wood-fired grill and paired with an exquisite full-bodied red selected by our award-winning sommelier Addy Lam.

Flying Fish

A long, long, lunch with no time restrictions


Leisurely long lunches are back at Flying Fish. And when we say long, we mean it, we don’t have time restrictions on our tables. So gather your friends and make some time to enjoy the good things in life.

Flying Fish Indulgence Menu



Raw kingfish crudo, lime, coconut and chilli

A selection of rock oysters, turmeric vinaigrette Hash browns, short spine sea urchin, oisetra caviar, cultured cream

Prawn toast, fish fragrance


Glazed moreton bay bug, ricotta dumplings, shellfish bisque

Bbq swordfish, melted fennel, plum sauce


Tajima wagyu scotch fillet cooked over embers, white pepper sauce, braised eschalot

Grilled epicurean harvest zucchini, smoked yoghurt, endive, scallion


Passionfruit parfait, pandan cream, torched meringue

Coconut pannacotta, palm sugar macerated pineapple, mango sorbet


Luxury on a plate


Delight your palate with the subtle pop of Ikura Salmon Roe. Then savour the moment the rich, buttery liquid melds into lush cashew cream bringing life-affirming layers of flavour to the fore; shallots, chives, soft tea eggs and the perfect ratio of potato rice cracker to scoop it all up.


Five Italian desserts to share? That’s Amore!

$64 serves four guests

It’s the sweetest thing, five of Italy’s greatest desserts unite to delight. Tiramisu, cannoli, bigne, cioccolato e lamponi and torta della mamma. Resistance is futile, sharing is optional.

The Darling Spa

The most heavenly spa experience


Luxuriate in our Li’Tya Mala Mayi 90-minute spa treatment that will leave you feeling relaxed, nurtured and renewed, from head to toe. Starting with a glass of champagne and a foot bath enriched with Australian native botanicals, followed by a full body exfoliation, a mud wrap and finishing with a massage.