Meet The New Star!

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Meet The New Star!

Echo Entertainment Group has rebranded to The Star Entertainment Group and adopted a new logo. To go along with this refreshed image, The Star Entertainment Group is also introducing the Star Quality program to its 8,000 employees across all three properties to transform the customer experience.



The Star Quality program is part of The Star’s commitment to deliver thrilling experiences to our guests. The introduction of the program comes at the same time as the rebrand of The Star Sydney.

Echo Managing Director & CEO Matt Bekier added, “This is more than a change of name and logo. It marks a step change in the way we intend to operate. To achieve our ambitious goals, we have to set impeccable standards, embrace clearly defined and relevant values and ensure gold-star delivery through our property offerings and guest services. These are both physical and cultural transformations. Some are already underway, but all will be complemented and accelerated by the rebranding process.”

The Star Quality program will focus on building connections with our guests – to foster a way of thinking to understand yourself and others and create wonderful memories for our guests every time. Star Quality is simply the way we touch the lives of our guests. The program focusses on how we can improve guest experience every day, as a chef, a security attendant, a server or a CEO.