Meet Biddie Pedruco

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Biddie Pedruco - Business Development Manager

We sat down with Biddie to ask her about what she loves about working at The Star, her career in sales, and how she overcomes daily challenges that arise.

What was your first job? 

Working at the checkout of Toys R Us when I was 15 years old.

How did you find your way into hospitality? 

I studied Hospitality in school as commercial cookery interested me (I found out very quickly that this was not a feasible career plan when my chocolate cake exploded in the class kitchen). During work experience I got the opportunity to work in 5 star hotels in Sydney and Hong Kong, where I immediately fell in love with the industry.

What does your role at The Star involve?

I look after Corporate and Wholesale segments for the hotels, however, being in such a large organization it also means that we have lots of opportunities to take on other projects which makes my days interesting.

What sets the Star’s Event Centre’s apart from other venues?

Our people. We have a dedicated team of professionals that look after all aspects of the Event Centre, from event execution, to AV to Culinary. Our team is very passionate about the high level of service that we provide to not only event organizers but to each guest that attend the events.

As a sales manager for The Star, what are the challenges you face each day and how do you overcome them?

The Star is in the midst of a major upgrade to remain competitive in the international market. We are continuing to develop new product offerings for our clients and we have to keep up to date on our offer, changes that may impact our guests and any operational changes. More than ever before our sales team is keeping close and constant contact with other departments including our projects team to ensure that we have update to date information for our clients.

What’s your perfect night out?

I love all foods so it’d have to be trying out new restaurants with plenty of cocktails.

What’s your favourite cocktail? 

Bloody Mary – it’s almost healthy