5 reasons to book your next event at The Star Event Centre

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5 reasons to book your next event at The Star Event Centre

The power of our relationships is what sets us apart at The Star Event Centre. 

We encourage all our team members to participate in industry association networking and events, to spend time learning from the movers and shakers in the industry. Our team talk to our suppliers, every day, to understand what’s new and changing so we can collaborate and bring you the best offering. We invest in our people and their personal development and learning, so that as a team, we are always ahead of the game when it comes to creating unique and spectacular event experiences for our clients! 

However, the one relationship that matters most to us is yours, our customers, so with that in mind, let us share 5 reasons to book your next event at The Star Event Centre, that will make a difference for your event in 2019. 

1. Culinary excellence

Our menu showcases seasonal and premium produce, locally sourced from NSW and QLD farmers. To make the ultimate lasting impression for your event, our chefs work closely with our suppliers to gain insight into the tastiest flavours to come, so they can craft culinary delights to tantalize your guests taste buds.

2. Culture and customisation

Our diverse team are inspired by the cultures and countries they hail from around the world, and this influences us to create truly unique events. Combined with the latest trends in food, beverage, décor and technology our staff ensure our guests a truly customised experience.  

3. Superior service standards 

From the moment a guest RSVP’s, their journey to attending and experiencing an event is crucial. Our experienced, award-winning team deliver seamless customer service as our point of difference. We believe the intricate details, like ensuring your dietaries are served at the same time as other guests, or precision in décor and table placings, or the timing and perfection of the audio visuals, are irreplaceable. 

4. World-class audio visual 

Let us wow your guests with our seamless and impressive visual, lighting and sound capabilities. Our venue relishes in high-ceilings to amplify the broadcast capability and our LED walls alight the room. Engage guests with our ultra-high-definition cinema projector, capable of displaying premium 4k content for 2D and 3D films on a 20m x 8m cinema screen, for a completely immersive experience. 

5. More than a venue – a destination

Sourcing a venue is always hard, especially when you’re looking for more. The Star Sydney has an array of all-star chefs and signature restaurants, luxurious accommodation, a sumptuous day spa, and, of course, a world-class casino. 

What are some of the things you look for when booking your events? The team at The Star Event Centre would love to chat, receive your feedback or accept a challenge. Call us today on +61 2 9657 8568 or send an email to Starsales@star.com.au and connect with our team.  

Come and play at The Star. Book your next event today!

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