2017 is the year for producing smarter events

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2017 is the year for producing smarter events

According to industry stalwart and audio-visual expert Steve Chezzi, Technical Manager at The Star Event Centre, 2017 is set to be a defining year for the events industry, one that will be influential in shaping the next decade of events.

Over the past decade we’ve done bigger, we’ve done better, but I feel 2017 will be the year for producing smarter events. Here are my three key trends to consider:

LED is big and getting bigger!

LED technology continues to evolve and impact the world of events. In 2017, LED technology will be used to increase engagement like never before in Australia.

Gone are the days of one, flat screen at the back of the stage. Now content production and event style are merging with the invention of flexible LED screens. The cardboard thin Perspex with high-density LED can be connected, molded and folded into different shapes to create a dynamic, 3D visual experience. While LED curtains can add a versatile and interactive element that can transform any location into an out of this world experience. We will see the power of LED mapping and playback video converge as multiple screens and visual elements connect to tell one story and create a coherent and immersive experience.

Combine LED with wearable technology and the possibilities are endless. We will see more events engaging delegates with LED bracelets, entertainers with LED costumes and promotional staff with LED uniforms and additional LED staging elements.

More effective collaboration

The key to producing successful events is objective-focused collaboration between like-minded and multi-skilled professionals. All event professionals, from clients and event planners to audio-visual technicians and food and beverage directors are driven to achieve the same end result; however each must approach the event with a different and valuable perspective.

Events in 2017 must engage more effective collaboration. Instead of meeting after meeting, managers need to embrace and integrate online project management systems to communicate, collaborate and maximise energy within teams.

Events can be influenced by so many things, from nature to fashion, interior design and architecture – the secret is not to keep ideas to yourself! Sharing boosts effective collaboration. Could your event bump in be influenced by the lightning speed of Formula One tyre changes or look to architecture to influence how you set up your LED screens. When inspiration strikes, take a moment to pause, connect and share with your collaborators.

Weaving a story through events

Know your story – consistency is key to successful storytelling. Consider what messages you want your story to convey and how these will impact the event’s objectives. What emotions would you like attendees to feel – before, during and after the event? What is the purpose of your event – to educate, reward, or connect?

Use every touchpoint to reinforce the story, from the save the date card and pre-event email communications, to all event theming, styling, F&B, audio and visual production, room layout, presentation content and more. Events in 2017 have to deliver a more personal experience than ever before, so weave in a story that connects with your delegates to have a real impact and leave a lasting memory.

2017 is the year of smarter events. More event technology, more collaboration and more storytelling will combine make its mark on our industry.

Steve Chezzi is the Technical Manager at The Star Event Centre equipped with over 16 years of technical event management and broadcast experience, he has worked with a diverse range of clients in multi-disciplinary production and event environments. He leads The Star Event Centre’s AV team utilising the venues latest technology to reimagine the possibilities of AV production.