Ritz Carlton

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Doesn’t a global city like ours deserve such a world class hotel as The Ritz-Carlton?


The Ritz-Carlton may be coming to Pyrmont, adding an exciting new dimension of luxury to local tourism.

This prestigious brand already operates in over 100 cities across 30 countries.

The proposal meets all relevant environmental and heritage requirements, and local community, business leaders and tourism experts have already voiced their support.

Now Sydneysiders from all walks of life are rallying together to get behind this.

So here’s your chance to join them!


Tourists won’t be the only ones to benefit!

  • The overall $500 million-plus development (subject to all approvals) would create over 1000 jobs
  • It would add $800 million to Gross State Product by 2030
  • Retailers, taxi drivers, labourers and hospitality workers would all benefit from the economic stimulus
  • It would add an extra 220 hotel beds to our city, which is in desperate need of extra tourism infrastructure
  • All Sydneysiders would get access to a spectacular Sky Lobby, bars and restaurants

Sydneysiders, Show Us Your Support

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The image is concept only and is subject to all approvals.
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