Sokyo Ramen by Chase Kojima

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Sokyo Ramen By Chase Kojima

Sokyo Ramen is now CLOSED. Stay tuned for The Star's upcoming Pop Up Restaurant.

Sokyo Ramen by Chase Kojima

The Star's Pop Up Restaurant will be dishing up piping hot Ramen, a noodle soup dish from Japan. Typically the noodles are served in a broth made with different ingredients, creating a flavoursome soup accompanied by toppings such as chashu or barbequed pork, eggs, nori or seaweed and vegetables.

In Japan, there are hundreds of types of Ramen. Now award-winning Sokyo Chef Chase Kojima brings you his own delicious version, and we’re sure you’ll love it! 


Level G, Café Court

The Star, 80 Pyrmont Street


Sunday and Monday | 11:30am - 9:00pm

Tuesday to Thursday | 11:30am - 10:30pm

Friday and Saturday | 11:30am - 11:00pm


Sokyo's Ramen By Chase Kojima Menu



Sokyo's Ramen By Chase Kojima Menu

Sokyo's Ramen By Chase Kojima Menu

Sokyo's Ramen Menu


Yuzu Shio Ramen $15
Chase’s favourite – Light and refreshing
Chicken and katsuobushi dashi, yuzu and mixed green salad, pork cheek chashu, marinated egg, nori, yuzu kosho, noodle soup.

Umami Tonkotsu 2.0 Ramen $16
Everyone’s favourite – Lightly rich with soy
Pork, chicken and seafood dashi, pork backfat, umami soy kaeshi, pork cheek chashu, black fungus, marinated egg, nori, yuzu kosho, noodle soup.

Spicy Miso Tantanmen $16
For the spice lovers – Mildly spicy
Pork and seafood dashi, miso, spicy pork mince, marinated egg, nori, yuzu kosho, tomato, broccolini, sesame seeds, noodle soup.


Hiyashi Chuuka $16
Summertime Special – Limited edition, No. 1 
Cucumber, ham, pickled jellyfish, marinated egg, sweet mushrooms, tomato, creamy kanikama, sesame seeds, noodles served with sweet and sour kaeshi sauce.


Mai-san's Fried Chicken $9
Marinated Sake Soy Chicken Karaage, Spicy Mayo, Mixed Green, Yuzu Dressing

House Salad $5
Mixed Green Salad, Chilli Garlic Dressing


Homemade mocktail

Yuzu Pop Soda $6

Yuzu, passionfruit, aloe vera juice, Orgeat almond syrup, soda

Cold drinks

Green Tea $4.0
Ramune Lemonade $5.5
Bubble Iced Tea $5.5
Zico Coconut Water $4.5
Still mineral water 400ml $4.0
Coke $3.5
Diet Coke $3.5
Coke Life $3.5
Coke Zero $3.5

Freshly Squeezed Juice

Orange $6.5
Watermelon $6.5

Please note, a 1% credit card surcharge will apply to all credit card transactions.