Fat Noodle

"Fun, funky and dynamic Asian street food with hawker style concept." - Luke Nguyen.

Fat Noodle has an open kitchen in full swing day and night. The man behind this Asian street food inspired venue is Luke Nguyen, one of Australia’s leading celebrity chefs and owner of award-winning Red Lantern restaurant in Sydney. A dynamic mix of Vietnamese, sprinkled with Chinese, Thai and Malay, Fat Noodle's menu is made up of delectable Asian street food inspired dishes. A highlight of the restaurant is Nguyen’s signature dish, a 20-hour beef broth, with thinly sliced Angus sirloin and brisket, bean sprouts, fresh Thai basil, fresh chilli and rice noodles.​

Location and opening/business hours


Level 1, Casino
80 Pyrmont Street
Pyrmont NSW 2009


  • Sunday to Thursday 11:30am - 2:00am
    Friday and Saturday 11:30am - 5:00am

This is the way to dine at Fat Noodle


Fat Noodle Menu & Drinks Menu


Rice, noodle soups and more

Fat Noodle Menu

Fat Noodle Menu

Small Plates, Rice, Noodle Soup and Woks


We use premium quality ingredients including Angus reared beef & sustainably caught fish. The use of chemicals for cleaning are significantly reduced to a minimum through the use of ‘e’ water: No Added MSG!

All dishes may include traces of nuts, egg, dairy & gluten.

In true ‘Asian Hawker Market’ style, individual dishes are brought to your table as soon as they are ready!


VEGETARIAN SPRING ROLLS - Glass Noodles, Wood Ear Mushrooms, Tofu, Carrots (V) $12.0
SALT & PEPPER SILKEN TOFU - Fried Fresh Chilli Garlic (GF, V) $12.0
BALMAIN BUG TAIL & POMERGRANATE TOMATO SALAD - Warm Bug Tail Tossed With Pomegranate, Tomato, Mint & Sesame Dressing $18.5
LEMON & COCONUT CHICKEN RICE PAPER ROLL - Filled With Lemon & Coconut Chicken, Served With Nouc Cham Dressing $15.0
PHNOM PENH AROMATIC PORK LEG - Chilled Sliced Pork Leg With Garlic Oil, Corriander, Pickled Chilli Radish & Cabbage Salad $17.0
SZECHUAN SPICE DUMPLING - Grilled Dumpling With Baby Gem Lettuce & Spice Peanut Chilli Crisp $16.0
SALT & PEPPER SQUID - Tossed With Garlic, Chilli, Cabbage & Radish Salad (GFO) $16.0
SALMON SASHIMI - With Grapefruit Pomelo & White Soy Yuzu Dressing (GFO) $18.5
PACIFIC OYSTER - With Blood Orange Mignonette $19.0


WOK TOSSED BEEF SIRLOIN - Garlic & Black Pepper Sauce, Seasonal Greens, Served With Jasmine Rice $19.5*
HAINAN CHICKEN - Poached Chicken Cutlet, Fresh Ginger & Chilli Dipping Sauce, Served With Fragrant Rice $19.5*
INDONESIA TOFU UDANG PEDAS - Wok Tossed King Prawn & Tofu, Asian Green, Sambal Chilli Sauce, Served With Jasmine Rice $23.0
SAIGON CHICKEN - Roasted Saigon Chicken Thigh Marinated In Kaffir Lime, Lemongrass & Galangal, Served With Jasmine Rice $19.5
KOREAN SPICY PORK - Sauteed Pork Belly With Onion In Spicy Chilli Paste. Topped With Lettuce, Sprinkle Seaweed & Sesame Seed, Served With Jasmine Rice $19.5
SEAFOOD FRIED RICE - Prawn, Squid, Fish Cake & Finely Chopped Vegetables $20.0*
ROASTED DUCK - Served With Egg Crepe, Cucumber, Shallot & Hoisin Sauce $23.0
MASSAMANN VEAL OSSO BUCCO - Slow Cooked Veal Osso Bucco, Potato Massamann Curry, Served With Jasmine Rice $23.0
BARRAMUNDI FILLET TOM YUM - Crispy Barramundi Fillet With Asian Green, Mushroom, Chilli & Creamy Tom Yum Soup, Served With Jasmine Rice $23.5


FAT PHO NOODLES - Chef Luke’s Signature Beef Broth, Thinly Sliced Angus Sirlion & Brisket, Bean Sprouts, Fresh Thai Basil, Fresh Chillies & Rice Noodles $20.0*
FISH MAW & SPANNER CRAB MEAT BISQUE - Chicken Cutlet, Bamboo Strip, Shiitake Mushroom, Fine Vermicelli Noodle & Egg Gravy $25.0
SINGAPORE LAKSA - Prawns, Fish Cake, Scallops, Chicken Breast, Tofu, Egg, Rich Coconut Broth & Thick Rice Vermicelli Noodles (GF) $20.0*
ROASTED PORK BELLY & PRAWN/PORK WONTON NOODLE SOUP - Seasonal Greens, Rich Chicken Broth, Egg Noodles $19.5
DELUXE SEAFOOD MISO UDON HOTPOT - Jumbo Prawn & Seafood Combinations, Baby Bok Choy, Shallot, Udon Noodle & Japanese Miso Soup $30.0
ABALONE & CHICKEN CONGEE - Australian King Abalone $26.0
VIETNAMESE HU TIEU - King Prawn, Vietnamese Pork Ham, Squid, Shallot, Bean Shoot, Garlic Chive & Asian Celery Noodle Soup $20.0


ANGUS BEEF - Wok Tossed With Lemongrass, Peanuts, Vietnamese Herbs, Rice Vermicelli Noodles (GFO) $19.5
SICHUAN SPICY GREEN BEAN - Wok Tossed String Bean With Mince Pork, Dried Shrimps, Shallot & Garlic Peanut Spice (VO) $16.5
CHICKEN PAD SEE EW - Wok Tossed Flat Rice Noodles, Chinese Broccoli $20.0
SOUTHERN THAI CHICKEN PANANG - Wok Tossed Chicken Thigh, Snow Peas, Onion, Basil, Shallot, Thai Panang Spice $19.0
SHANGHAI RAMEN - Wok Tossed Ramen, Preserved Cabbage, Mushroom, Asian Green (VO) $17.5
MEE GORENG - Wok Fried Singapore Noodles, Prawns, Chicken, Sambal Chilli Sauce $20.0
PRAWN PAD THAI - Stir-Fry Thick Rice Noodles, Prawns, Garlic Chives, Bean Sprouts, Eggs, Crush Peanuts, Chilli Flakes $20.0
HONG KONG XO RICE ROLL - Stir-Fry Rice Roll, Asian Green, Onion, Prawn Cutlet, XO Sauce $20.0
CATCH OF THE DAY - Please Ask Your Waiter For Our Daily Catch - Market Price


(GF) Gluten free

(GFO) Gluten free option available

(V / VO) Vegetarian or vegetarian option available


No split bills. Please note, a 1% credit card surcharge will apply to all credit card transactions and a 15% surcharge applies on public holidays. 


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Fat Noodle Beverage Menu

Fat Noodle Beverage Menu

Beverage Menu

Juices and Iced Blends

Fresh Ginger Lemonade $5.5

Lychee & Lemon Soda $5.5

Iced Mint & Lime Soda $5.5

Young Coconut Juice $6.0

Vietnamese Iced Coffee $5.5

Orange Juice $5.5

Watermelon & Lychee Juice $6.0

Iced Milk Tea With Pearls $5.5

Mango & Lychee Juice $6.0

Fresh Watermelon Juice $6.0


Bia Hà Nôi $9.0

TsingTao $9.5

Tiger $9.5

Kirin $10.0

Crown Lager $10.0

Corona $10.0

James Boags Premium $9.0

James Squire 150 Lashes Pale Ale $9.5

James Boags Light $5.0

House Spirits, Liqueurs and Wine




Innocent Bystander Moscato Yarra Valley VIC $9 / $40

NV Domanine Chandon Brut Yarra Valley VIC $12 / $55



The Lane Chardonnay Adelaide Hills SA $9 / $40

Dal Zotto Pinot Grigio King Valley VIC $10 / $48

North of South Sauvignon Blanc NZ $8.9 / $39

Knappstein Clare Valley Hand Picked Riesling, SA $11 / $50



Wirra Wirra Church Block Cab Shiraz SA $11 / $50

Beautiful Somewhere Shiraz Limestone Coast SA $8.9 / $39

Running With Bulls Tempranillo SA $10 / $45

North of South Pinot Noir NZ $8.9 / $38

Soft Drinks and Water

Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Lemon Lime & Bitters $5.5

Still/Sparkling Water $3.6 / $4.6


Hong Kong Style Milk Tea $5

Add Pearls (Optional) $1


No split bills. Please note, a 1% credit card surcharge will apply to all credit card transactions. 

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小吃, 饭类, 粥粉面, 炒锅


我们使用上等品质的食材包括安格斯牛肉和生态合理捕获的鱼类。通过使用 ‘e’水,我们将化学清洁剂的使用剂量降至最低。食物不添加味精。




素春卷 $11.5

椒盐绢豆腐 (GF, V) $12.0

香煎肉桂大虾拌香草特色沙拉 (GFO) $17.0

香酥盲曹米纸卷 $15.0

泰式和牛凉拌沙拉 $16.0

香脆鸡肉鲜虾饺子 $16.0

椒盐鲜鱿 $16.0

三文鱼刺身 (GFO) $18.5

新鲜太平洋生蚝 (6) (GFO) $19.0


特色肉骨茶配饭 $23.0

黑椒西冷牛柳配丝苗白饭 $19.5*

海南鸡饭 $19.0*

椰香绿咖喱虾球配饭 $23.0

越式风味烤鸡腿配饭 $19.5

成都麻辣爆炒羊肉配饭 $19.0

海鲜炒饭 $20.0*

老北京烧鸭 $23.0

慢炖椰味牛小排配饭 $23.0


厨师精选越南牛肉汤河 $20.0*

新加坡叻沙 (GF)  $20.0*

叉烧云吞汤面 $19.5

珍宝海鲜什锦韩式泡菜甜薯面汤锅 $30.0

干瑶柱手撕猪肉粥 $22.0

鲍鱼鸡粥 $26.0

泰北原味排骨肉末浓汤濑粉 $20.0


香茅安格斯牛肉米粉 $19.5*

香蒜炒江门小棠菜 $16.5

泰式猪肉炒河粉 $19.0*

越式风味香茅爆炒鸡球配饭 (GFO) $19.0

大马风味炒素面配太阳煎蛋 $17.5

马来炒面 $20.0

泰式虾球炒幼河粉 $20.0*

驰名香辣泰式海鲜炒河粉 $20.0

当日海鲜 Market Price

(GF) 不含麸质(GFO) 可不含麸质(V / VO) 素食或有素食选择



新鲜生姜柠檬汁 $5.5

荔枝柠檬苏打 $5.5

薄荷青柠苏打 $5.5

椰青水 $6.0

越南冰咖啡 $5.5

橙汁 $5.5

西瓜荔枝特饮 $6.0

珍珠奶茶(冰) $5.5

芒果荔枝特饮 $6.0

西瓜汁 $6.0


越南啤酒 $9.0

雪花啤酒 (500ml) $12.0

青岛啤酒 $9.5

虎牌啤酒 $9.5

麒麟啤酒 $10.0

皇冠啤酒 $10.0

科洛娜啤酒 $10.0

杰伯格啤酒 $9.0

淡色艾尔啤酒 $9.5

杰伯格淡啤酒 $6.0


起泡酒 - $ 每杯 / $ 每瓶

澳洲雅拉谷莫斯卡托起泡酒 $9 / $40

澳洲雅拉谷香桐起泡酒 $12 / $55


白葡萄酒 - $ 每杯 / $ 每瓶

南澳兰恩莎当妮干白葡萄酒 $9 / $40

达尔佐都皮诺干白葡萄酒 $10 / $48

新西兰长相思干白葡萄酒 $8.5 / $38

南澳纳帕斯坦克莱尔谷雷司令干白葡萄酒 $11 / $50


红葡萄酒 - $ 每杯 / $ 每瓶 

南澳威拿教堂庄园西拉干红葡萄酒 $11 / $50

南澳巴罗萨谷席拉葡萄酒 $8.5 / $38

南澳巴罗萨谷田普兰尼洛干红葡萄酒 $10 / $45

新西兰黑比诺干红葡萄酒 $9 / $38


可乐、健怡可乐、零度可乐 $5.5

雪碧、青柠柠檬汽水 $5.5

纯净水/苏打水 $3.5 / $4.5


港式奶茶 $5 加珍珠(可选) $1


请注意,信用卡支付(包括借记卡上的“信用”选项) 都须支付1%的信用卡增收费。购买餐饮时,请出示您的会员卡享用会员折扣。超级红卡九折,珍珠卡八折,黑卡七折。您更可以赚取赌场礼金(Casino Dollars)。 受限于具体条款和细则,详情请垂询我们的工作人员。


Chef Luke Nguyen

Luke Nguyen

Luke Nguyen was born in 1978 in Thailand, shortly after his parents fled Vietnam as boat people.

Luke Nguyen is the head chef and owner of the award-winning Red Lantern Vietnamese restaurant, and is one of Sydney's top celebrity chefs. He's also the author of the best selling books, Secrets of the Red Lantern and Songs of Sapa.

Red Lantern promotes ethical eating, using local sustainable and organic produce, and was listed in the 'Top Ten' Most Environmentally Sustainable Restaurants in the 2010 Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide.

Renowned for his Vietnamese heritage and cuisine, Nguyen also has a family history in China. His inspiration for Fat Noodle comes from both countries, and is reflected in the taste combinations and fusion flavours.

In his spare time, Luke hosts 13 day culinary discovery trips to Vietnam for adventurous cooks.