Reinvigorating Jones Bay Wharf With A New Restaurant Chuuka

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Reinvigorating Jones Bay Wharf With Groundbreaking New Restaurant - Chuuka



The Star Sydney is proud to announce an exciting new signature restaurant, Chuuka, with two rising young culinary talents teaming up to take over the iconic location in Jones Bay Wharf, Pyrmont, that was previously home to Flying Fish.   


Chef Chase Kojima (The Star’s Sokyo and Kiyomi) and Chef Victor Liong (Melbourne’s Lee Ho Fook) will turn tradition on its head at Chuuka by converging the distinct flavours and techniques of Japan and China into one visionary dining experience featuring fresh local produce. The pair are also breaking new ground when the doors open, as Chuuka will represent the first off-property restaurant venture for The Star.  


Chuuka will be brought to life through the fusion of two distinctive cultures coming together, with vivid colour and art to offer a striking contrast to the history and beauty of the wharf. Dino Mezzatesta, Chief Operating Officer at The Star Sydney, says the new off-property investment is part of The Star Entertainment Group’s ongoing transformation, and firmly establishes the company as a luxury hospitality group.  


“We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to open our first standalone dining venue on the iconic Jones Bay Wharf,” said Mr Mezzatesta. “As a beloved harbourside venue with unrivalled views, we knew that we could bring an exciting second life to the city’s favourite venue.” 


“We brought Chase and Victor on board as we believed in their vision and they have blown us away with what they’ve delivered.   


“We are committed to delivering first-class experiences for our guests and I am excited to see the impact Chuuka will have on the vibrant and diverse Sydney food scene. This is the first business venture the two acclaimed Chefs have worked on together. This will be the third signature dining restaurant I have opened with The Star, but the first in collaboration with Victor,” Mr Kojima said.


“It’s great to work with different people to expand your creative horizons. This is an incredible opportunity to challenge and push myself into new gastronomic realms and learn a whole new cuisine.  Victor and I have really enjoyed being playful with this new menu – inserting both our own signature flavours and cooking styles while challenging each other to create something totally new. I am at my best when I am in the kitchen cooking with others and with The Star they encourage that freedom of expression and collaboration. Chuuka is the realisation of that creative freedom and I can’t wait to share it with our guests.” 


Victor said he is looking forward to getting back to Sydney, where his career began and working with Chase to create a unique concept that focuses on excellence in ingredients and creativity in technique. 


“We’ve had a lot of fun creating the concept and designing the menu,” Mr Liong said. “We both have such different backgrounds which has worked to our advantage in coming up with a truly unique offering. I think we’ve created a concept that’s interactive and engaging by having a style of cuisine that is familiar, that references our heritages, all the while inserting our combined layers of creativity. That’s how we landed on the name. Chuuka is this perfect synergy and harmony between Chinese and Japanese influences.” 


Set to open in July, Chuuka will feature a spectacular 130-seat dining area across two levels. The ground floor will host a 60-seat dining space, with an indulgent wine room and an outdoor bar area with panoramic views across the harbour. The first floor of the restaurant will be home to a private dining area able to cater for up to 70 guests. 


Chuuka will join The Star’s existing line-up of standout hatted culinary attractions including Momofuku Seiƍbo, Sokyo, BLACK Bar & Grill and Flying Fish. 


*Chuuka [ch-oo-ka]: When Chinese immigrants arrived in Japan at the end of the 19th century, they bought their beloved food with them. Over the last hundred years these dishes have developed and adapted in line with Japanese tastes.




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