Jewel Suites

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The Darling Jewel Suites

The Darling's Jewel Suites emphasise quality over quantity, providing large rooms with spacious areas for both lounging and sleeping, each of which features its own comfortable furniture and large TV. The whole package is bordered by giant floor-to-ceiling windows with breathtaking views of Pyrmont, Sydney’s CBD.


In the living area of a Jewel Suite you’ll find a comfortable couch and chair along with a glass-topped desk. Need a drink? A delicious cocktail is only a few steps away, as each Jewel Suite features a marble wet bar that can provide that perfect finishing touch to your leisure time.


The bedroom has its own large TV situated at the foot of a 1000-spring king bed. An integrated system gives you control over everything in the suite, from the TVs and speakers to the blinds and air conditioning. Each suite also comes with its own unique photos commissioned specifically for the Darling that create the perfect blend of style and substance.


A rainforest shower head and deep soaking tub highlight the marble bathroom, alongside the Balmain Paris Hair Couture amenities. Large wardrobe areas give you plenty of space to hang your nicest clothing so it’s ready to hit the town when you are.


The combination of entertainment space and a luxurious bedroom makes a Darling Jewel Suite the perfect place for couples.


The Darling has 35 Jewel Suites and offer a king size bedroom and separate living area – complete with wet bar.