Adored Suites

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The Darling Adored Suites

Staying in an Adored Suite at the Darling is an experience on its own. These luxurious, sexy suites with a footprint of 80sqm, personify the atmospheric, contemporary feel of the Darling with wraparound floor-to-ceiling windows.


The first thing you see when you walk into an Adored Suite is the entry through a private foyer with a separate powder room into a spacious, luxurious entertainment area complete with a plush couch and chair and glass dining table.


Add a big 55” HD TV screen with a bar and you have the perfect entertaining area for special occasions. Panel lighting and an unobstructed view of the city serves as the perfect backdrop, providing wonderful ambient light during the day and beautiful views of a lit-up Sydney at night.


Off the king size bedroom sits a beautiful circular spa bath situated in front of a large window that lets you bathe in the sunlight also equipped with two wand showers.


An Adored Suite at The Darling gives you amazing natural light from almost any part of the living room and a lavish entertainment area, all of which adds up to a fantastic city experience.

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