Promoting Your Event

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Promoting Your Event

There are many different ways you can promote events held at the Event Centre through The Star.


The Event Centre has a fully integrated ticketing system for public and private events, which makes purchasing tickets a snap for your guests. We can sell tickets for events online to individuals and privately to groups attending a banquet.


We make it easy for our guests to navigate the Event Centre with way finding and promotional signage positioned throughout the event. Should you require assistance creating or employing specific signage for your event, just speak with your Star Event Planner.


As event experts, we understand how important sponsors can be to ongoing event activity and promotion. We are more than happy to work with you either to engage sponsors for your event or to meet the needs of your existing sponsors.

The Star Event Centre Images and Logos

When promoting your event, you may wish to incorporate images and logos from The Event Centre in your invitations and websites. We can make this easy for you by supplying you with any relevant artwork you may need.

Marketing and Promotions

We're more than happy to work with you if you wish to co-brand or co-promote your event with The Star. If so, your sales executive or Star Event Planner will ask you for a marketing proposal, which will then need to be presented to our marketing department for approval.

Special offers

Speak to your sales representative or Star Event Planner about any special offers that may be available at The Star during the course of your event.

Alert the media

The Star offers a number of exclusive venues for media conferences. Your Star Event Planner can engage our public relations department should you wish to negotiate a prime location.

Have us host your event's webpage

The Star manages a number of completely integrated, fully optimised websites. You can take advantage of this by hosting your event page on our website with either a public or private URL for your guests. Your delegates will then have easy access to online facilities for booking accommodation, dining and ticketing.‚Äč

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