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Inside the vintage timbers at the end of Jones Bay Wharf, where the light glitters off the water and reflects the Harbour Bridge, Sydney’s most exciting culinary collaboration has opening its doors.


Victor Liong and Chase Kojima have brought together not only their world class skills but also their revolutionary approaches to two cuisines. This isn’t fusion, this isn’t “Asian” food, this is something you’ve never seen before. Here Chinese flavours are delivered with Japanese precision and desserts aren’t an afterthought, they’re an experience.


Bespoke cocktails, sharing dishes and a taste of something entirely new.


CHUUKA is located at the end of the iconic Jones Bay Wharf, 700m from The Star along Pirrama Road.



Chase Kojima

Chase is San Fran born and raised. Son of legendary sushi chef Sachio Kojima. Chase worked for his dad in his O.G. restaurant from the age of nine. Sachio never gave Chase praise or taught him his skills; instead Chase was told to steal the techniques from him.

Chase moved to Vegas to work under Nobu Matsuhisa. Chefs in Nobu would tell Chase that he wasn’t worthy to touch their fish in the kitchen. His dad also told him they’d only let him wash the dishes. Chase decided to prove them wrong. To show them not only that he was worthy to touch fish, but he was going to prepare that fish better than anyone. Within a couple of years, aged 26, Chase became the Head Chef and helped open and manage multiple Nobu’s around the world (Dubai, London, LA, Vegas, Bahamas, etc...) The fish touching was going O.K. for him.

When Chase had enough of being awesome at the Nobu group, he came to Australia to be awesome on a 4th continent. With fundamentals honed at the world’s best restaurants and a unique palate that has been shaped by an American upbringing and a global life. Chase is essentially the John Wick of chefs. Plus, he looks wicked in black.

Victor Liong

At six years of age, Victor moved from Malaysia to Sydney and fell in love with falafel. This was his first dalliance with a chickpea, and it was a gateway legume on the way to forgetting his Chinese heritage. Fortunately for us, and for everyone who loves spectacularly tasty and completely innovative Chinese cooking, in his 20’s Victor remembered his roots. In rediscovering his heritage, he learned to define what it meant for him and explored how it sat alongside the cultural fusion of his upbringing (falafel included). This journey is what has resulted in his distinct brand of cooking.

Cultural and personal odysseys aside Victor is also, in his own words, ‘damn good at cooking’. This was not a stroke of luck. It’s the result of working at some of Australia’s most innovative restaurants and having tutelage under chefs like Mark Best and Dan Hong. From a school of thought which teaches ‘anything you can do, I can do better and with more jokes’, Victor set up Lee Ho Fook in Melbourne, which he named after a 70’s song about a werewolf – because he’s Victor. Now he’s back in Sydney, and he reckons he looks even better than Chase in black.      


À La Carte Menu

30g House marinated trout roe caviar 38
30g Tasmanian sea urchin roe 48
10g Siberian Osetra caviar 115
All served with cashew cream, shallots, chives, tea eggs & potato rice cracker DF  
Pacific oyster, bonito soy yuzu, spring onion oil GF | DF 5 ea 
Snapper, smoked ginger, citrus miso DF 18
Salmon, roasted macadamia, heirloom tomato, ume plum dressing DF 19
Sashimi of scallop & tuna, cucumber, infused soy, pickled sansho DF 22
Hiramasa kingfish, white fungi, radish, burnt garlic, spring onion & white soy cream 24
Wagyu beef tartare, pine nut, nashi pear, cured yolk, wasabi, toasted seaweed GF | DF 22
Chawanmushi, steamed foie gras custard, blue swimmer crab, carrot & ginger sauce, shellfish essence GF 13 pp
Pickled Spring Bay mussels, kohlrabi, charred green garlic, whipped tofu, chilli oil DF 18
'Bang Bang Chicken’ silken chicken, yuzu kosho, shiso salad, peanuts, aromatic Sichuan chilli oil DF 18
Wok fried king brown mushrooms, rolled rice noodles, garlic chives, asparagus & superior dark soy DF | VG 26
Chase’s ‘Tempura Yuzu Chicken’, dried chilli, sweet & sour yuzu sauce DF  24
Charred David Blackmore wagyu intercostal, stir-fried with green chilli, garlic stems, coriander DF 39
CHUUKA ‘Ebi Chilli’, stir-fried prawn, chilli miso butter, Japanese milk buns 42
Sweet miso glazed glacier 51 toothfish, sweet & sour capsicum GF | DF 59
Stir-fried new season Chinese greens, vegan oyster sauce, crispy gai lan GF | DF 18
CHUUKA ma po tofu DF | VG  28
Wagyu short rib, carrot kimchi, sweet miso, baby cos lettuce, ginger & spring onion relish GF | DF 59
Tenshindon style blue swimmer crab & scallop fried rice, Japanese XO sauce GF | DF 35
Sichuan eggplant, puffed chickpeas, crispy garlic, fried wonton skins, white miso & sesame dressing DF | VG 28
Garlic cucumbers, aged black vinegar & aromatic chilli oil DF | VG 8
Chinese potato salad, green & red peppers, garlic white soy & vinegar dressing DF | VG 12
Hokkaido steamed rice GF | DF | VG 5
Daily Specials Menu

Deluxe Chef’s sashimi selection of local fish (28 pieces) 80
Steamed whole coral trout, superior soy, ginger & spring onion 10 | 100g
Live mud crab stir-fried with Chinese style sweet-corn garlic butter, crispy taro 14.50 | 100g
Live eastern rock lobster, wok fried with seaweed sauce, green chilli 28.90 | 100g
CHUUKA PEKING DUCK SERVICE (serves 4 or more) 90

Whole slow roasted maltose glazed duck, cinnamon & cherry blossom sauce


Steamed mandarin pancakes, fresh cucumber, pineapple & spring onion


Served with a selection of plum, sweet bean, hoisin sauces sesame paste, ginger spring onion relish



Freshly churned yoghurt sorbet, mascarpone ice cream, frozen French meringue.

Served with a selection of:


Yuzu & ginger jam

Raspberry, freeze-dried beetroot & pink peppercorn  

Roasted hazelnuts & kinako


Vietnamese coffee jelly


Matcha milk crumb


Bitter chocolate & cocoa nibs





Yoghurt pudding, Okinawan black honey & roasted soybean powder GF 8

Kurozato brown sugar ice cream mochi GF


Almond jelly, perfumed fruits, coconut & umeshu


Japanese purple yam ice cream, pearl jasmine tea, sago & blueberries


Dark chocolate mousse, chartreuse, matcha green tea, genmaicha ice cream GF







Japanese teas

Sencha, Hojicha, Genmaicha

Chinese teas

Golden Peony, Jasmine, Dragon Well Oolong, Tei Kwan Ying Oolong, Pu Erh



Peppermint, Chamomile




View our beverage list of signature cocktails, mocktails, sake, beer, apéritif, champagne and sparkling, white wine, red wine, rosé wine, dessert wines, and fortified wines.

Full beverage list.



Award winning Chefs Chase Kojima (The Star’s Sokyo and Kiyomi) and Chef Victor Liong (Melbourne’s Lee Ho Fook) have teamed up to bring an exciting signature restaurant, CHUUKA. CHUUKA turns tradition on its head by converging the distinct flavours and techniques of Japan and China into one visionary dining experience featuring fresh local produce.


Chefs Chase Kojima and Chef Victor Liong are also breaking new ground as CHUUKA represents the first off-property restaurant venture for The Star as the restaurant takes over an iconic location on Jones Bay Wharf. It will feature a spectacular 130-seat dining area across two levels. The ground floor will host a 60-seat dining space, with an indulgent wine room and an outdoor bar area with panoramic views across the harbour. The first floor of the restaurant will be home to a private dining area able to cater for up to 70 guests.


CHUUKA will be brought to life through the fusion of two distinctive cultures coming together, with vivid colour and art to offer a striking contrast to the history and beauty of the wharf. Whether it’s a cocktail party, corporate dinner with a speaker, or a staff celebration, CHUUKA can accommodate your upcoming event.


If your booking is for 8 or more guests, please submit your details into the below form and our comprehensive event kit will be emailed to you automatically.

Whether it’s a cocktail party, private corporate function, exclusive dinner or awards ceremony, CHUUKA can accommodate your upcoming event.

Privacy Policy

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Suite 62-64, Jones Bay Wharf, 26-32

Pirrama Road



Tuesday to Sunday | 12:00pm - 3:00pm


Tuesday to Saturday | 5:30pm - 10:00pm


Tuesday to Saturday | 12:00pm - 10:00pm

Sunday | 12:00pm - 3:00pm