Fat Noodle

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Delectable and Dynamic Asian Street Food

Inspired by Asia’s vibrant street food scene, Fat Noodle is the creation of chef and culinary adventurer Luke Nguyen. Pull up a stool at one of the communal tables for the best view of head chef Kenji Lai and his team rattling the pans in the open kitchen. A must-try is the Fat Pho Noodles, a 20-hour beef broth that’s simply sublime.


Fat Noodle is located on our Main Casino Floor and solely accepts walk-ins. Guests must be aged 18 years or over to enter the casino.



We use premium quality ingredients including Angus reared beef & sustainably caught fish. The use of chemicals for cleaning are significantly reduced to a minimum through the use of ‘e’ water: No Added MSG!

All dishes may include traces of nuts, egg, dairy & gluten.

In true ‘Asian Hawker Market’ style, individual dishes are brought to your table as soon as they are ready!

Small Plates, Rice, Noodle Soup and Woks


VEGETARIAN SPRING ROLLS - Vermicelli Noodles, Cabbage, Carrots, Celery, Water Chestnuts, Bamboo Shoots (V) $12.0
SALT & PEPPER SILKEN TOFU - Fresh Chilli & Garlic, Spring Onion (GF, V) $12.0
NYONYA CRISPY CHICKEN - Dried Shrimp, Tumeric Pickled Salsa, Nyonya Chilli Sauce $12.0
JASMINE TEA SMOKED DUCK RICE PAPER ROLLS - Vietnamese Mixed Herbs, Cucumber, Shallot, Vermicelli Noodles $12.0
CRISPY QUAIL TULIP - Hoisin & Five Spices, Watercress & Cherry Tomato Salad $15.0
SALT & PEPPER SQUID - Garlic, Chilli, Cabbage & Radish Salad (GFO) $16.0
SALMON SASHIMI - Black Flying Fish Roe, Young Galangal & Lime Dressing (GF) $18.5
GRILLED HERVEY BAY SCALLOP - Ginger Shallot Relish, Grapefruit & Cherry Tomato Salad, Chilli Lime Dressing $18.5


BLACK PEPPER BEEF - Wok Tossed Black Onyx Angus MBS3+, Garlic, Onion, Seasonal Greens, Served with Jasmine Rice $20.0
LEMONGRASS PORK CUTLET - Pickled Cabbage & Carrot, Lettuce, Fried Eff, Nuoc Cham Dressing, Chicken Broth, Served with Jasmine Rice $20.0
HAINANESE CORNFED CHICKEN - Poached Cornfed Chicken Maryland, Ginger Shallot Relish, Chilli Garlic Sauce, Seasonal Green, Chicken & Pork Broth, Served with Fragrant Rice $21.0
INDONESIA CHICKEN RENDANG - Curry Chicken, Grated Coconut, Potato, Spiced Coconut Gracy, Served with Jasmine Rice $21.0
TYPHOON SHELTER KING PRAWNS - Toasted Garlic & Fried Shallots, Panko Crumbles, Chilli, Black Bean Sauce, Served With Jasmice Rice $24.0


FAT PHO NOODLES - Chef Luke’s Signature Beef Broth, Thinly Sliced Angus Sirlion & Brisket, Bean Sprouts, Fresh Thai Basil, Fresh Chilli & Rice Noodles $20.0

PRAWN & CHICKEN WONTON NOODLE SOUP - Seasonal Greens, Rich Chicken & Pork Broth, Egg Noodles

SINGAPORE SEAFOOD LAKSA - Prawns, Fish Cake, Scallops, Squid, Fish Ball, Tofu, Egg, Rich Spicy Coconut Broth & Thick Rice Vermicelli Noodles (GFO) $21.0
NYONYA SAMBAL TUMIS - Stewed Prawns, Cuttlefish, Egg Tofu, Snow Peas, Spicy Sambal Chilli Sauce, Served in Claypot $22.0
IKAN ASAM PEDAS - Mackerel Cutlet in Tamarind Spicy Broth, Okra, Tomatoes, Eggplants, Served in Claypot $26.0
ABALONE & CHICKEN CONGEE - Australian Abalone In Traditional Chinese Porridge $26.0






ANGUS BEEF - Wok Tossed With Lemongrass, Crushed Peanuts, Vietnamese Herbs, Nuoc Cham Dressing, Rice Vermicelli Noodles (GFO) $19.5
CORNFED CHICKEN PAD SEE EW - Wok Tossed Flat Rice Noodles, Chinese Broccoli & Egg $20.0
MEE GORENG - Wok Fried Singapore Noodles, Prawns, Chicken, Tomato, Potato, Egg, Seasonal Greens, Sambal Chilli Sauce $20.0
SEAFOOD FRIED RICE - Prawn, Squid, Fish Cake, Egg & Finely Chopped Vegetables (GFO) $20.0
DELUXE KING PRAWNS PAD THAI - Stir Fried Flat Rice Noodles, Jumbo Prawns, Garlic Chives, Bean Sprout, Eggs, Crushed Peanut, Chilli Flakes $28.0
WOK TOSSED VEGETABLE - Asparagus, Snow Pea, Baby Corn, Carrot In Garlic BUtter Sauce (V, GFO) $16.5


Hot Jasmine Green Tea (per person) $1.0
Lemon Ice Tea $5.5
Fresh Watermelon Juice $9.0
Young Coconut Juice $7.0
Orange Juice $5.5
Lychee & Lemon Soda $6.5
Ice Mint & Lime Soda $5.5
Vietnamese Iced Coffee $6.5
Ice Milk Tea $6.0
Taro Milk Tea  $6.0
Hot Milk Tea $5.0
Add Topping - Pearl, Rainbow Jelly $1.0


Bia Hà Nôi $10.5
TsingTao $11.0
Tiger $11.0
Kirin $10.5
Heineken $10.0
Corona $10.5
Crown Lager $10.5
James Squire 150 Lashes Pale Ale $9.5
James Boags Premium $9.2
James Boags Light $5.0


Innocent Bystander Moscato Yarra Valley VIC $10.5 / $50.0
NV Domanine Chandon Brut Yarra Valley VIC $12.5 / $60.0
North of South Sauvignon Blanc NZ  $9.2 / $43.0
Dal Zotto Pinot Grigio King Valley VIC  $10.0 / $48.0
Framingham Classic Riesling Marlborough NZ $9.50 / $50.0
Beautiful Somewhere Shiraz Limestone Coast SA $9.2 / $43.0
Fickle Mistress Pinot Noir NZ  $11.5 / $55.0
Partisan "Trenchcoat" GSM McLaren Vale SA  $9.5 / $50.0


Coke, Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite $5.5
Lemon Lime & Bitters $5.5
Still/Sparkling Water $3.8 / $4.7

Important Information: Food Allergies and SensitivitySome dishes may contain traces of foods that may not be suitable for people with food allergies or sensitivities. If you have a food allergy or sensitivity please inform our staff when ordering your meal.

(GF) Gluten free

(GFO) Gluten free option available

(V / VO) Vegetarian or vegetarian option available


No split bills. Please note, a 1% credit card surcharge will apply to all credit card transactions and a 15% surcharge applies on public holidays. 


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Luke Nguyen

Luke Nguyen was born in 1978 in Thailand, shortly after his parents fled Vietnam as boat people.

Luke Nguyen is the head chef and owner of the award-winning Red Lantern Vietnamese restaurant, and is one of Sydney's top celebrity chefs. He's also the author of the best selling books, Secrets of the Red Lantern and Songs of Sapa.

Red Lantern promotes ethical eating, using local sustainable and organic produce, and was listed in the 'Top Ten' Most Environmentally Sustainable Restaurants in the 2010 Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide.

Renowned for his Vietnamese heritage and cuisine, Nguyen also has a family history in China. His inspiration for Fat Noodle comes from both countries, and is reflected in the taste combinations and fusion flavours.

In his spare time, Luke hosts 13 day culinary discovery trips to Vietnam for adventurous cooks.



Level 1, Casino

80 Pyrmont Street


Monday to Thursday | 11:30am - 2:00am

Friday and Saturday | 11:30am - 5:00am

Sunday | 11:30am - 2:00am