Neighbourhood Advisory Panel

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Working with our Neighbours

The Star is proud to be part of the City of Sydney and to be a good neighbour to our local community. Our Good Neighbour Plan is a framework for effective communication and maintaining good relationships between The Star and its neighbours – the people who live and work in the Pyrmont/Ultimo area. We proactively engage with our neighbours and work together to create a better neighbourhood for all and help in enhancing the community’s well-being.

Neighbourhood Advisory Panel  

The Neighbourhood Advisory Panel is a formal and ongoing engagement opportunity between The Star and its neighbours.

It is expected to meet on a quarterly basis to enhance communications and provide an opportunity to learn more about The Star’s operations and suggest solutions or address concerns to key neighbourhood issues.

Expressions of Interest are sought for membership of the Neighbourhood Advisory Panel. 


What is the selection process of the Neighbourhood Advisory Panel?

Members of the public can send in an Expression of interest via our online form. Members will be selected based on the membership criteria (see below). The Chair will appoint panel members in consultation with two representatives from The Star.

How often, where and when are the meetings held?

The Neighbourhood Advisory Panel will meet on a quarterly basis at The Star. Meetings will be held on the first Tuesday of each quarter for one or two hours from 5.30pm, or time agreed upon.

How long for are members appointed?

Members will be appointed for three years. During that period, new members will fill vacant positions and will be appointed for the remainder of the existing three year term only.

At the end of the three year term, to ensure the panel adequate reflects the community, all member positions will become vacant and subject to the recruitment process. Existing members are eligible to reapply for one further consecutive term; however selection will remain based on the membership criteria.

What are the membership criteria?

Members of the Neighbourhood Advisory Panel reflect the diversity of the community and include representatives from the residents, community groups and businesses within the Pyrmont area.  Members will include:

  • At least two local community groups;
  • A resident from each sub-precinct; and
  • At least two local businesses

What are the objectives of the Neighbourhood Advisory Panel?

  • Discuss issues relating to The Star and the local community;
  • Provide information on The Star’s plans that make a possible impact to the local community; and
  • Identify areas of community support and suggest solutions or recommendations

When does the membership of the Neighbourhood Advisory Panel cease?

Members can resign from the panel at any time. Membership will cease when a member fails to attend three consecutive meetings without providing an alternative representative or are unable, for any reason, to fulfil the role of Neighbourhood Advisory Panel member.

What is the protocol for members from the Neighbourhood Advisory Panel?

Members will adhere to the following protocol:

  • Any conflicts of interest should be declared by the members
  • The Chair can invite key representatives from The Star to be present at meetings
  • Points for discussion at the meetings will be nominated by members of the panel at the preceding meeting or through the Chair
  • Members will be encouraged to share relevant information discussed at the meetings with their local community and to bring feedback to the meetings
  • No member shall make public statements claiming to represent the views of the Advisory Panel
  • The Star will consider all advice and feedback provided by the Advisory Panel
Members shall treat each other with respect.

Will there be an Agenda available and minutes taken during the meeting?

Yes, the Chair will finalise the Agenda after calling for agenda items from the members.

The Agenda will be sent by email at least one week prior to each meeting. The Star will provide a note-taker for the meetings. Minutes will be sent by email to members after each meeting.