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Oasis Mega Giveaway

Members can now play everywhere for their chance to win. Winners will now have 8 minutes to claim their prize.

1-in-5 Swipestakes

The 1-in-5 Swipestakes promotion will continue as normal.

Slots Spectacular

This week’s earning will stop at 5pm Friday 25 June. The Slots Spectacular will then be postponed until further notice. All the earned entries from 12:15am 21 June to 5pm Friday 25 June 2021 will be eligible for the postponed draw once the date is confirmed.

Baccarat Lucky 9 Cash Frenzy

Baccarat Lucky 9 Cash Frenzy will continue as normal.

Gold Member Benefits

The perks of becoming a Gold Member, you receive a 20% discount on hotel stays, and on food and beverage purchases at most of our restaurants and bars, plus so much more. 


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