Oasis Lock it in

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Your chance to win a share of up to $75,000 in cash & prizes!

Would you accept The Star's offer or take on the challenge until the end?

Exclusive to Gold Members


12:15am Wednesday, 1 August to 6:00pm Sunday, 2 September 2018


Play2 and earn with your Membership Card within the same day to receive an entry. 


3:00pm & 6:00pm every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

Wednesday, 1 August to Sunday, 2 September 2018


The following prizes will be randomly placed into 15 numbered briefcases.

$2,500 Cash
$1,500 Cash
$1,000 Cash
$800 Cash
$400 Cash
$200 Cash
$100 Cash
$50 Cash
$2,000 Gaming Play3
$1,500 Gaming Play
$1,000 Gaming Play
$800 Gaming Play 
$400 Gaming Play
$200 Gaming Play 
$100 Gaming Play



Take a seat in Oasis Room and play on any game at the time of the prize draw with your Membership Card to be in the running to win. 

We'll announce the Prize Winners, who will then have 4 minutes to present themselves with valid ID. If no Prize Winner is found 1 redraw will occur4.

All prize winners will then be invited to play the "Lock it in" game to determine their prize.


The game starts with the player selecting their ‘player briefcase’ – which remains locked until the end of the game.

Players then select briefcases in the following rounds to remove from play.

Round 1 Open 5 briefcases
Round 2 Open 4 briefcases
Round 3 Open 2 briefcases
Round 4 Open 1 briefcase
Round 5 Open 1 briefcase


At the end of each round, we will make an alternative offer to the player and ask them to "Lock It In". The player must answer either:

  • Lock It In” to accept the offer and forfeit the prize in their 'player briefcase' or
  • No” to decline the offer and proceed to the next round

The offer and question will be asked after EVERY ROUND to proceed to the NEXT round.

After Round 5, there are only 2 briefcases left unopened.

1 briefcase belongs to the player, the other on stage. 

If the player makes it to Round 5, they will be given an option to swap the 'player briefcase' with the last remaining briefcase on the stage and win the prize revealed in the final briefcase they have chosen to open.

Important information: Terms and conditions apply, see Oasis Host Desk for further details. Excludes selected rebate customers. 1Casino Dollars offered by way of a multiplier will not contribute towards any earnings of an entry. 2Excludes Poker. 3Gaming Play refers to the choice of Slots Dollars or Table Free Bet Vouchers awarded base on the amount won, valid for 7 days from the date of issue and subject to the terms and conditions that applies to the type of Gaming Play. 4If no Prize Winner is found, further redraws will occur for eligible entrants with existing entries and have a valid open rating in Oasis Room at the time of the draw. Player activity statement for slot machine play is available on request.