Dress Standard

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Dress code
Dress standard for The Star's main gaming floor

To ensure an enjoyable and comfortable experience for everyone, please follow our neat and tidy dress standard at all times at our main gaming floor. The Star reserves the right to refuse entry to any patron considered improperly dressed.

The following is not acceptable at The Star's main gaming floor at any time:

  • Face paint or disguises
  • Shirts bearing culturally or sexually offensive slogans or pictures
  • Singlet tops / sleeveless tops (for men)
  • Ripped, torn or soiled clothing. Designer ripped / torn clothing is acceptable
  • Dirty work wear or footwear
  • Hats or caps unless for obvious medical reason
  • Offensive tattoos
  • Clothing associated with criminal organisations
Dress Standard for The Star's Premium Gaming Facility

To ensure all our customers in our premium gaming facility are comfortable, we do require patrons to dress appropriately and adhere to a standard level of hygiene The Star deemed acceptable when visiting our premium gaming facilities, including Sovereign and Oasis.

The dress standard for The Star is neat and tidy attire at all times. Appropriate attire and standard of hygiene will ultimately be determined by The Star.

The following attire is not acceptable at The Star at any time:

  • Dirty, ripped, torn or soiled clothing
  • Work uniforms
  • Clothing bearing offensive slogans and / or pictures
  • Face paint or disguises
  • Dirty, worn or damaged footwear, UGG boots, Crocs, rubber beach thongs and open toed shoes (for men)
  • Active sportswear including gym-wear, training shirts, beachwear or swim suits
  • Men's singlet, tank tops or t-shirts
  • Steel cap boots and any other forms of work boots
  • Hats or caps, except for medical reasons and for special VIP Events
  • Shorts (for men)
  • Any other clothing deemed not to be neat, tidy or appropriate by The Star.

The Star reserves the right to refuse entry to any patron or guest that does not meet these entry criteria.