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Conditions of Entry

Conditions of Entry

The Star reserves the right to:

  1. refuse you entry to the Casino for any reason
  2. ask you to leave the premises at any time without reason, including because of inappropriate behaviour or dress
  3. withdraw your right to remain on the premises without reason
  4. inspect your bags and conduct metal detection scans
  5. confiscate any weapons or prohibited items
  6. conduct filming or photography in the Casino and use such footage or photographs in promotional material



Prior to entering the Casino, you may be required to provide ‘acceptable proof of age’ as under the Casino Control Regulation 2019 evidencing that you are at least 18 years of age.

Persons entering or attempting to enter the casino premises forfeit to The Star, and entitle The Star to retain, identification documents which The Star suspects of being forgeries, falsified, tampered with or otherwise fraudulent.



The Casino uses Audio recording and CCTV Surveillance.

Audio/Surveillance information may be disclosed to law enforcement agencies or regulatory authorities where illegal or undesirable activity is suspected.

A copy of our Privacy Policy is available here.



You must not:

  1. engage in any illegal or undesirable behaviour in the Casino
  2. bring into the Casino weapons or any items considered offensive
  3. take photos or film in the Casino
  4. leave children unattended when you enter the Casino
  5. enter the Casino if you are an Excluded Person


We use mobile device tracking software in this venue.

Details on how we collect and use this information are in our Privacy Policy here. To opt-out, please disable your wifi and Bluetooth.



You agree to comply with all applicable laws, Public Health Orders and Government rules, directives and guidance concerning COVID-19.


Main Gaming Floor

Main Gaming Floor

Patron Dress Code

The Star retains the right to refuse entry to any patron considered improperly dressed or in possession of an offensive implement or prohibited item. Patrons are required to be dressed neat and tidy at all times.


Unacceptable Dress
  1. Face paint, disguise or other attire that may inhibit visual identification
  2. Clothing bearing culturally or sexually offensive slogans or images
  3. Clothing illegitimately depicting the wearer as a security operative, law enforcement officer or representative of a government agency
  4. Singlet tops / sleeveless tops (Males)
  5. Ripped, torn, or soiled clothing. (Designer ripped/torn clothing acceptable)
  6. Dirty work-wear or footwear
  7. Tattoos which are either offensive or suggest affiliation with criminal organisations
  8. Clothing or colours associated with criminal organisations


Items Not Permitted
  1. Two-way radios or scanning devices
  2. Any object considered an offensive implement or weapon
  3. Alcohol, food or drink
  4. Baby prams
  5. Image capturing equipment
  6. Flags with flag poles
  7. Large bags exceeding 'commercial airline carry-on baggage size limites or (56cm [height] x 36cm [width] x 23cm [depth])
  8. Large umbrellas
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