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Sign up a Friend

And You'll Each Get $15 Casino Dollars

Give one of your coupons to a friend and you'll both receive $15 Casino Dollars when they become a Member of The Star Club.


And because there are two coupons for you to share, there's twice as much for you to enjoy!


Once your friend joins, your Casino Dollars will be automatically credited to your account the next time you activate with your Membership Card*.


Please ensure you read the Rules for this Offer before you participate.



  1. You must not advertise, market or promote any Coupon allocated to you through social media, paid advertising channels or to the public at large.
  2. You must not copy any Coupon.
  3. You must not engage in spamming. Only share your Coupon in hard copy, in person with friends and family who will be happy to receive your Coupon (remember you can earn up to a maximum of 30 Casino Dollars - 15 Casino Dollars for each friend or family member that joins The Star Club using a Coupon). We do not permit mass distribution of Coupons.
  4. Share this offer with “friends or family members” only – that is known friends or family members over the age of 18 with whom you have a close personal or family relationship and that have agreed to receive a Coupon from you; and
  5. There is a limit of one Coupon per friend or family member, so don't give both Coupons to the same person.
  6. Patrons excluded from the Casino are not permitted to participate in this offer.
  7. This offer can only be used for personal, non-commercial purposes (i.e. do not sell your Coupon).
  8. You must be 18 years and over to join The Star Club.
  9. Your friend or family member is not eligible for this offer if they have previously been a Star Club member or are currently a Star Club member.
  10. This offer is subject to the terms and conditions of The Star Club.
  11. Offer expires 15 December 2020.

Terms and Conditions

*You may activate your Membership Card by either inserting your card into your favourite game, having a valid rating on any table game or swiping your Card at an F&B outlet at The Star Sydney.