Poker Blog - Main Event Day 3

Cohen with the goods
8:38 pm 08/08/2016

On a 7-club.gif10-diamond.gif4-spade.gif flop, Joel Cohen bet 175,000 and Reece Bedot called. Both players checked the j-diamond.gif turn before Cohen bet 475,000 on the 4-heart.gif river.

Bedot called but mucked when Cohen showed q-club.gifq-diamond.gif.

Cohen moves to 2.9 million with Bedot on 1.8 million. 

Marc Liddell eliminated in 5th ($65,313)
8:17 pm 08/08/2016

Marc Liddell shoved on the button for his last 350,000 with ace-diamond.gif10-club.gif and Reece Bedot called with ace-heart.gif8-club.gif.

The flop shot Bedot into the lead and that's where he stayed as the board ran out 7-heart.gif8-heart.gifq-heart.gif3-club.gifq-club.gif to leave us with 4.


SC16 MEFT Marc Liddell.jpg
Marc Liddell
Big double for Bedot
8:12 pm 08/08/2016

Reece Bedot opened to 190,000 and Joel Cohen 3-bet to 750,000. Bedot shoved and Cohen called.

It was a classic race with Cohen's ace-diamond.gifk-diamond.gif up against the q-spade.gifq-club.gif of Bedot.

The board was all low as it ran out 7-spade.gif8-heart.gif2-heart.gif9-club.gif9-spade.gif to push Bedot back up to 2.1 million.

Cohen still has 1.6 million.

We're back
7:53 pm 08/08/2016
Players are back with blinds now at 40,000/80,000 with a 10,000 ante. 
Payouts so far today
7:46 pm 08/08/2016

Those that have busted on the final day and their payouts are as follows:


6th Andrew Kitchen $53,329
7th Andy Lee $41,345
8th Stevan Chew $32,357
9th Mathew Wakeman $23,968
10th Darwin Lai $16,178
11th Bane Jocic $16,178
12th Jacob Horowitz $16,178
13th Errolyn Strang $13,782
14th Michael Fraser $13,782
15th Andrea Persichini $13,782
16th Dejan Boskovic $11,385
17th Suzy Khoueis $11,385
Chip counts
7:39 pm 08/08/2016

Chip counts at the break are as follows:


Kahle Burns 7,200,000
Joel Cohen 2,410,000
Jarryd Godena 1,300,000
Reece Bedot 1,150,000
Marc Liddell 750,000
Andrew Kitchen 0
Andy Lee 0
Stevan Chew 0
Dinner break
7:35 pm 08/08/2016
Players are now enjoying a 20-minute dinner break
Godena doubles through Bedot!
7:35 pm 08/08/2016

On the last hand before the break, Reece Bedot and Jarryd Godena got it in, with Godena in great shape for a double holding k-heart.gifk-spade.gif to Bedot's j-heart.gifj-diamond.gif.

The board bricked and Godena is back in the hunt with 1.3 million.

Bedot falls to 1.1 million.

Andrew Kitchen eliminated in 6th ($53,329)
7:32 pm 08/08/2016

Marc Liddell shoved from middle postition and Andrew Kitchen made the call.

It was Liddell with k-spade.gifq-diamond.gif against the 6-club.gif6-heart.gif. The 10-spade.gifj-spade.gif5-heart.gif flop gave Liddell plenty of outs and he paired his K on the turn to leave Kitchen crippled.

Next hand Kitchen shoved with 10-diamond.gif4-diamond.gif and couldn't outlast the 8-club.gif2-club.gif of Kahle Burns as he exits in 6th.


SC16 MEFT Andrew Kitchen.jpg
Andrew Kitchen


Andy Lee eliminated in 7th ($41,345)
7:24 pm 08/08/2016

Andy Lee shoved from the button for 1.2 million and Kahle Burns snap-called from the small blind.

It was Lee needing help with q-heart.gif6-heart.gif against the j-spade.gifj-diamond.gif of Burns, but none arrived on the 7-spade.gif6-spade.gif10-club.gifj-spade.giface-heart.gif board as we lose another.

We're down to 6 remaining with Burns now holding more than half the chips in play with almost 7 million!


SC16 MEFT Andy Lee.jpg
Andy Lee