Poker Blog - Main Event Day 3

The race to the title is on!
9:43 pm 08/08/2016
Play is back underway. Blinds are at 50,000/100,000
We are heads-up!
9:34 pm 08/08/2016

Our heads-up players are now on a 10-minute break before we start our final run to find a winner. The stacks are as follows ...

Kahle Burns - 8 million
Joel Cohen - 4.8 million 

Reece Bedot eliminated in 3rd ($106,058)
9:31 pm 08/08/2016

The very next hand, Reece Bedot shipped for five big blinds with j-heart.gif10-club.gif and Cohen called with k-diamond.gif9-spade.gif.

Anither low board was all she wrote for Bedot as he hits the rail in third after a great run.


SC16 MEFT Reece Bedot.jpg
Reece Bedot
Another big Cohen/Bedot clash!
9:28 pm 08/08/2016

Joel Cohen and Reece Bedot have clashed again but this time it is Cohen that has come out on top.

Once again it was off to the races with Cohen holding 9-spade.gif9-club.gif and Bedot ace-spade.gifk-spade.gif. No help arrived for Bedot on the 2-heart.gif4-diamond.gif7-heart.gif7-club.gif2-spade.gif board and Bedot is crippled.

A Cohen recovery
9:13 pm 08/08/2016

Within minutes of being left short, Joel Cohen has clawed his way back to sit with 2 million in chips.

In his most recent hand, Cohen shoved with k-diamond.gifj-club.gif and was called by Reece Bedot with ace-club.gif8-club.gif.

The 4-diamond.gif2-diamond.gif4-heart.gifj-spade.gif7-heart.gif board saw him spike his survival on the turn and keep us three-handed!

Cohen crashes
9:09 pm 08/08/2016

Joel Cohen opened to 250,000 and Reece Bedot announced he was all-in. Cohen shook his head before making the call.

It was Cohen's ace-spade.gifj-heart.gif needing help against the ace-heart.gifk-club.gif and although the turn provided a scare, Bedot held on the 6-diamond.gif9-diamond.gif7-club.gif10-heart.gif2-diamond.gif board.

Cohen is down to just six big blinds. 

Level 30
8:57 pm 08/08/2016
Blinds are up to 50,000/100,000 with a 10,000 ante.
Chip counts
8:57 pm 08/08/2016

Current stacks are as follows ...

Kahle Burns - 7 million
Justin Cohen - 3.2 million
Reece Bedot - 2 million

Jarryd Godena eliminated in 4th ($82,090)
8:48 pm 08/08/2016

Kahle Burns opened to 190,000 in the cut-off and Jarryd Godena shoved from the small blind. Burns called.

Godena showed 7-diamond.gif7-spade.gif but was in trouble against the q-diamond.gifq-spade.gif of Burns. The board bricked and Godena heads home in 4th.

Burns soars to 8.1 milion - around two-thirds of the chips in play!


SC16 MEFT Jarryd Godena.jpg
Jarryd Godena
Cohen with the goods
8:38 pm 08/08/2016

On a 7-club.gif10-diamond.gif4-spade.gif flop, Joel Cohen bet 175,000 and Reece Bedot called. Both players checked the j-diamond.gif turn before Cohen bet 475,000 on the 4-heart.gif river.

Bedot called but mucked when Cohen showed q-club.gifq-diamond.gif.

Cohen moves to 2.9 million with Bedot on 1.8 million.