Poker Blog - Main Event Day 3

Joel Cohen eliminated in 2nd ($189,347)
11:30 pm 08/08/2016

Kahle Burns bumped it up to 550,000 and Joel Cohen announced he was all-in. Burns called.

It was Cohen with 6-club.gif6-heart.gif racing the ace-club.gifk-club.gif of Kahle Burns.

The board ran out ace-spade.gifj-spade.gif8-club.gif9-club.gifq-diamond.gif and Cohen is our runner-up!

(More to come ...)


SC16 MEFT Joel Cohen (1).jpg
Joel Cohen 
Cohen doubles with Aces
11:23 pm 08/08/2016

For the second time tonight, Kahle Burns shoved on a short-stacked Joel Cohen and for the second time tonight, Cohen woke up with a big pair.

This time it was Cohen with ace-club.giface-spade.gif against the ace-diamond.gifq-diamond.gif of Burns - the board providing no help to Burns as Cohen doubles again.

Kahle Burns - 8.8 million
Joel Cohen - 4 million

Burns not fooled
11:17 pm 08/08/2016

On a 4-spade.gif2-club.gif6-diamond.gif flop, Kahle Burns bet 310,000 and Joel Cohen called. The turn was the 6-club.gif and this time Cohen called a bet of 410,000.

When the 6-spade.gif landed on the river, Cohen led for 350,000 with Burns snap-calling. Cohen mucked his hand. 

Kahle Burns 10.3 million
Joel Cohen 2.5 million

New level
11:15 pm 08/08/2016
Blinds are up to 70,000/140,000 with a 20,000 ante.
Cohen doubles
10:53 pm 08/08/2016

With Joel Cohen down to 12 big blinds, Kahle Burns shoved from the button with 8-diamond.gifj-diamond.gif but ran into the q-heart.gifq-diamond.gif of Joel Cohen.

The board ran out 4-club.gif5-club.gifk-spade.gif2-heart.gifj-spade.gif as Cohen doubles back through to 3.5 million.

Burns is on 9.3 million 

Burns taking control
10:38 pm 08/08/2016

After limp-calling on the button pre-flop, Kahle Burns called a bet of 250,000 on the q-club.gif5-spade.gif10-heart.gif flop.

On the 2-diamond.gif turn, Cohen bet 325,000 only for Burns to re-raise to 865,000. Cohen folded.

Burns is up to 9 million

Burns retakes lead
10:24 pm 08/08/2016

On a q-diamond.gif10-diamond.gif6-club.gif flop, Kahle Burns bets 175,000 and Joel Cohen raises to 575,000. Burns calls before both player check the 8-heart.gif turn.

On the 7-diamond.gif river, Burns bet 750,000 with Cohen shaking his head before calling. Burns showed ace-diamond.gif8-diamond.gif to take down the pot and take back the chip lead 

Blind rise
10:19 pm 08/08/2016
Blinds are up to 60,000/120,000 with a 20,000 ante
Cohen draws level
10:06 pm 08/08/2016

On a 2-club.gifq-diamond.gif4-diamond.gif flop, Kahle Burns bet 230,000 and Joel Cohen called.

The turn was the 7-club.gif and Burns bet 575,000. Cohen called.

Botth players checked the 6-diamond.gif river with Burns mucking after Cohen showed q-heart.gif9-heart.gif.

Stacks are now just about even.

Burns starts fast
9:50 pm 08/08/2016

On a q-club.gif2-club.gif10-club.gifk-club.gif board, Joel Cohen bet 125,000 and Kahle Burns raised to 355,000. Cohen called.

On the 9-diamond.gif river, Burns bet 750,000 with Cohen going deep into the tank. He eventually folded as Burns edges slightly further ahead.