Poker Blog - Main Event Day 2 Flight 2

Andy Lee leads heading into final day
12:49 am 08/08/2016

After another long day of 11 levels, just 17 players remain in the Sydney Championships Main Event with Andy Lee topping the field - just ahead of Reece Bedot.

Lee, a former Star Summer Series Main Event champion and regular high stakes cash game player here at The Star, used his noted aggression to build his stack and become one of only two plaues sitting above 1.5 million.

The other, Bedot, began his rise midway through the day when he eliminated danger man James Obst, however it was a huge clash against Jarryd Godena when both flops trip Qs that ultimately rocketed him towards the lead.

The remaining players will return tomorrow to play down to a winner and there is still plenty of quality in the field with the likes of Matthew Wakeman, Stevan Chew, Kahle Burns and Errolyn Strang all still in contention.

The top 5 stacks are ...

1. Andy Lee - 1,761,000
2. Reece Bedot - 1,684,000
3. Darwin Lai - 1,168,000
4. Matthew Wakeman - 1,058,000
5. Joel Cohen - 1,056,000


Last level
11:46 pm 07/08/2016

Players have returned to blinds of 9,000/18,000 with a 2,000 ante.

There are 22 players remaining as we enter the final level of the night. 

Final break of the evening
11:35 pm 07/08/2016

Players are now on their final 10-minute break of the day.

There will be one more level tonight when they return.

Ferraro fighting back
11:29 pm 07/08/2016

After being crippled in a hand against Reece Bedot, Frank Ferraro has been trying desperately to fight his way back into contention.

His starting point was getting it in with ace-heart.gif7-spade.gif against the ace-diamond.gifj-heart.gif of Andrew Kitchen - the board falling in his favour as it ran out 7-heart.gif8-heart.gif10-heart.gif5-heart.gif4-heart.gif.

He currently has 120,000.

Boustani busted
11:10 pm 07/08/2016

Charbel Boustani has finished in 23rd place for $$8,988 after his Kings were busted by the AQ of Bane Jocic who called Boustani's all-in bet of 170,000. Two Queens came on the flop which ended Boustani's tournament.


In other news, Sam Capra has doubled through Suzy Khoueis when he pushed all-in with his remaining chips. Capra heldace-club.gif10-heart.gif to Khoueis' ace-spade.gifj-diamond.gifwhen the board ran out 6-diamond.gifj-club.gifq-heart.gifk-club.gif9-heart.gif to catch Capra back up and make his straight, to which the chant, "gotta run like Capra" was voiced from the rail.


Wakeman wakes up with a monster
10:45 pm 07/08/2016

Matthew Wakeman opened to 30,000 and was 3-bet by Denis Sekuloski. Wakeman then shoved for 590,000 and Sekuloski snap-called.

Sekuloski rolled over ace-heart.gifk-spade.gif but found himself in big trouble against Wakeman's ace-club.giface-diamond.gif.

The board ran out k-heart.gif4-club.gifj-spade.gif9-spade.gif6-diamond.gif as Wakeman soars to 1.2 million.

Sekkuloski is down to 250,000. 

Di Paola headed home
10:27 pm 07/08/2016

Gary Di Paolo was all-in holding ace-spade.gif8-spade.gif on an ace-heart.gif2-diamond.gif9-club.gif2-heart.gif 3-heart.gif board, but hit the rail when Andy Lee showed ace-diamond.gif2-spade.gif for the boat.

Lee is up to 1.2 million.

Chew up to the challenge
10:19 pm 07/08/2016

Stevan Chew opens to 75,000 in the hijack as Michael Tran 3-bets from the button to 75,000. Chew then comes back over the top for 175,000.

Tran thinks briefly before folding. He falls to 550,000 with Chew up to 650,000.

Ferraro chipping away
9:56 pm 07/08/2016

Frank Ferraro has been quietly going about his business today, taking opportunities where they come.

Moments ago he 3-bet Andrea Persichini's cut-off open, forcing a fold and moving to 440,000 in the process.

Pie cooking
9:48 pm 07/08/2016

Christina Pie shoved her short stack with ace-club.gifj-club.gif and was called by Andy Lee with 5-spade.gif5-diamond.gif.

The board ran out ace-spade.gif8-diamond.gifj-diamond.gifq-club.gif6-heart.gif as Pie doubles back to 200,000.

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