Poker Blog - Main Event Day 1 Flight 2

Mick Fraser tops Flight 2 field
12:36 am 07/08/2016


SC16 MED1F2 Mick Fraser.jpg

After another 11 long hours of action here in the Star Poker Room, play has come to an end for the day with 67 of the 231 players that started remaining.

Leading the way is Mick Fraser – who sits with a very respectable 285,200 – while Dejan Boskovic and Kahle Burns aren’t far behind.

He will join a total of 122 players to progress from the two Day 1 flights when they return tomorrow, all of them with eyes on the $297,203 first prize thanks to a record Sydney Championships Main Event field of 428.


The top 5 stacks from Flight 2 are …

Mick Fraser – 285,200
Dejan Boskovic – 269,500
Kahle Burns – 261,300
Daniel Hameir – 252,400
James Lampropoulos – 217,400

Three more hands
12:20 am 07/08/2016
The tournament staff have announced there will be three more hands to be played at each table for the night before we bag and tag.
Rolfe roasted
11:37 pm 06/08/2016

Matt Rolfe didn't last long after the break, shoving with 2-club.gif2-diamond.gif and running into the k-spade.gifk-heart.gif of Josh Barrett.

No help arrived and he is off to ponder what may have been.

Latest stacks
11:26 pm 06/08/2016

Mick Fraser 245,000
Tom Rafferty 235,000
Yibo He 200,000
Sam Capra 170,000
Kahle Burns 160,000
Josh Barrett 150,000
Suzy Khoueis 145,000
Warwick Mirzikinian 125,000
Corey Kempson 122,000
Jason Pritchard 110,000
Jimmy Tran 92,000
Nick Polias 85,000
Peco Stojanovski 80,000
James Camilleri 80,000
Tam Truong 68,000
Michel Bouskilla 66,000
Dean Blatt 60,000
Jamal Ishac 55,000
Karam Bahi 47,000
Daniel Laidlaw 44,000
Joseph Alvaro 40,000
Bruno Portaro 38,000
Matt Rolfe 35,000
Chris Ayoub 24,000
Emanuel Seal 18,000
Michael Addamo 8,000
David Sanis 0
Laurence Hall 0
Tony Kondevski 0
David Gorr 0
Jimmy Ghobrial 0
Khac Tran 0
Mark Iskander 0
Jim Psaros 0
Tobin Marsh 0
Patrick Healy 0
Graeme Putt 0
Mayra Ramos 0
Craig Blight 0

Final level of the night
11:22 pm 06/08/2016

We're into our final level of the night with blinds now at 800/1,600 with a 200 ante.

There are 72 players remaining. 

Lapitan likes it
11:12 pm 06/08/2016

An UTG raise to 3,000 receives calls in five places, including from Ray Lapitan and Peco Stojanovski.

The flop comes j-spade.gif10-diamond.gif5-club.gif and it is checked around to Stojanovski who bets 7,000. The UTG opener and Lapitan call. 

When a 10-heart.gif lands on the turn, the UTG player checks but Lapitan fires 11,000. Both opponents fold and Lapitan rakes in the pot.

He has 140,000.  

Lucky Laidlaw
10:59 pm 06/08/2016

Daniel Laidlaw was all-in for his last 25,000 with 3-spade.gif3-heart.gif and in trouble against the 9-spade.gif9-heart.gif of Warwick Mirzikinian.

Luck was on his side, however, as the board ran out 5-diamond.gif6-spade.giface-spade.gif7-spade.gif4-diamond.gif to give him an unlikely straight.

He has a touch over 50,000 while Mirzikinian is still strong with 130,000.

Rafferty rises
10:49 pm 06/08/2016


SC16 MED1F2 Tom Rafferty.jpg

We caught the action on a 4-diamond.gif5-spade.gif6-spade.giface-diamond.gif7-heart.gif board, with Bruno Portaro deep in thought.

He eventually fired out a bet of 42,000, but Tom Rafferty took barely a few seconds to make the call, his ace-heart.gifj-diamond.gif enough to take down the pot as Portaro revealed k-club.gifq-club.gif.

Rafferty is now looking strong with 230,000, while Portaro has 90,000. 

Level 10
10:37 pm 06/08/2016
We are now into our 10th level of the night with blinds at 700/1,400 with a 200 ante.
Recent bust-outs
10:34 pm 06/08/2016

David Gorr
David Sanis
Laurence Hall
Jim Psaros
Michael Tran
Graeme Putt