Poker Blog - 7K Day 1

16 remain after Day 1
12:53 am 04/08/2016

That’s all she wrote for today, with the 16 remaining players in today’s $7k Challenge to return tomorrow afternoon to play down to a winner.

A new event on the Star Poker schedule, the $7k Challenge attracted 71 entries including the likes of Daniel Neilson, Jarred Graham, Rory Young, Tom Rafferty, Craig Blight and Billy Argyros.

Most of those are still alive, including WSOP bracelet winner Rory Young who sits atop the chip counts with 154,200. Nine players will make the money when play resumes tomorrow.

The top 5 chip stacks are:


Rory Young – 154,200
Robert Spano – 118,000
Jim Pizainas – 107,300
Dean Boskovic – 92,600
Michael Addamo – 72,900

Final three hands
12:34 am 04/08/2016
The floor staff have called for the final three hands of the night after which chips will be bagged and tagged!
Burns unfazed by bad beat
12:24 am 04/08/2016

Shane Burns copped a brutal beat not so long ago when he got it in with 5-spade.gif3-club.gif on a 3-diamond.gif3-heart.gif7-spade.gif10-diamond.gif board against the k-spade.gifk-club.gif of Robert Spano, only for thek-diamond.gif to spike on the river.

That hand saw him down to around 15,000 but he wsn't at all flustered and has fought back to 85,000. Much of that came courtesy of a cooler agaist Dean Blatt who ran pocket Kings into Burns' Aces.

Blatt has since been eliminated. 

Pizanias picking them off
12:08 am 04/08/2016

Jim Pizanias continues to climb, sending Thibaut Klinghammer to the rail to move to 110,000.

The action was all pre-flop with Pizanias holding j-diamond.gifj-heart.gif and looking good against Klinghammer's 8-club.gif8-heart.gif.

The board fell j-club.gif10-diamond.gif6-club.gif5-club.gifk-diamond.gif and Pizanias survived a scare on the turn to add a few more to his stack.

Last level
12:02 am 04/08/2016

The clock has just ticked over into Level 12 which will be our final level of the night.

Blinds are now at 800/1,600 with a 200 ante. There are 20 players remaining.

Tony K KO'd
11:53 pm 03/08/2016

On a k-heart.gif10-club.gif6-spade.gif flop in a four-way pot, Hassib Younan led for 5,000 and Tony Kambouroglou re-raised to 12,000 with the other two runners folding.

Younan called to see a 7-diamond.gif. This time he checked but snap-called when Kambouroglou shoved, his6-heart.gif6-diamond.gif in good shape against Kambouroglou's k-diamond.gif10-heart.gif

The river bricked, sending 70,000 Younan's way and leaving Kambouroglou crippled. 


Pizanias scores big double
11:42 pm 03/08/2016

Michael Addamo raised to 3,000 in middle position and Jim Pizanias made the call.

The flop fell 3-club.gif6-club.gifq-spade.gif and Addamo continued. Pizanias then re-raised and Addamo shoved.

Addamo was in the lead with ace-spade.gifq-heart.gif but Pizanias had plenty of outs with his k-club.gifq-club.gif. One of them was the k-diamond.gif which landed on the turn and held to see an 80,000 pot shipped his way.

Addamo drops back to 45,000.

Big stacks
11:33 pm 03/08/2016
Rory Young - 113,000
Dean Boskovic - 110,000
Michael Addamo - 80,000
Adrian Attenborough - 55,000
Michael Egan - 50,000
Robert Spano - 50,000
Didier Guerin - 48,000
Level 11
11:17 pm 03/08/2016
Blinds are up to 600/1,200 with a 200 ante
Electric Egan
11:17 pm 03/08/2016

Thibaut Klinghammer opened to 2,000 in the hijack and received calls from Hassib Younan and Dean Boskovic.

Michael Egan then shoved for his remaining 24,000 from the small blind. Klinghammer shoved back over the top with Younan and Boskovic folding.

It was Egan's k-club.gifq-spade.gif racing the 4-diamond.gif4-heart.gif of Klinghammer and he scored a huge double on the k-spade.gif10-club.gifk-heart.gif5-diamond.gif3-diamond.gif board.

Michael Egan - 50,000
Thibaut Klinghammer - 27,000