Poker Blog - 6-Handed Day 1

Tables quickly turn
10:35 pm 31/07/2016

It didn't take long for the respective fortunes of Nick Polias and Madhu Appia to turn full circle on Table 26, with former short-stack Polias busting former big-stack Madhu to move to 170,000.

Madhu committed his remaining chips holding 6-heart.gif6-diamond.gif on a 2-diamond.gif5-heart.gifq-diamond.gif flop. Polias called with k-diamond.gif10-diamond.gif and with an abundance of outs found the k-heart.gifon the river to cut the field to 23.

Level up
10:12 pm 31/07/2016
The blinds are up again, this time to 1,500/3,000 with a 500 ante. 26 players remain.
Polias doubles
10:11 pm 31/07/2016

Nick Polias has scored a much needed double, shoving with ace-diamond.gifk-diamond.gif and finding a call from Madhu Appia with k-spade.gifq-spade.gif.

The board fell 10-club.gifj-club.gif7-club.gifq-diamond.gif9-diamond.gif to give Polias broadway and some much-needed breathing room with 120,000.

Quads will do
10:01 pm 31/07/2016

Ajay Toolooa has become the latest victim to fall at the hands of Madhu Appia, shipping his dwindling stack with ace-club.gif3-spade.gif and finding a call from Madhu holding 4-spade.gif4-club.gif.

Toolooa's hopes of salvation were quickly extinguished with Madhu flopping a set and rivering quads to move back to 220,000. 

Mason given his marching orders
9:50 pm 31/07/2016

Local grinder Jess Mason is the latest to hit the rail after finding 8-club.gif8-heart.gif in late position only to run into the j-club.gifj-diamond.gif of Madhu Appia.

Madhu has been one of the big movers of the past hour with around 220,000.

Players prepare for final haul.
9:38 pm 31/07/2016

Players are back from their latest break and with 33 remaining it won't be long before the bubble starts weighing in their mind.

The top 18 will make the money, with blinds now at 1,200/2,400 with a 400 ante. The average stack is around 93,000 or just under 40 big blinds.

Pappas takes a big one
9:22 pm 31/07/2016

Steve Pappas is on the move again after finding himself on the good side of a cooler.

With the board reading 9-club.gif7-club.gif10-club.gifj-spade.gif5-diamond.gif, the river card sent the action into overdrive and with both players all-in it was Pappas' ace-club.gif8-club.gif getting the nod over his opponent's 5-spade.gif5-heart.gif.

Pappas is up to 135,000.

Psaros, Ajez make their move
8:53 pm 31/07/2016

Jim Psaros has hit the 200,000 mark after picking up ace-club.giface-diamond.gif and finding a player unlucky enough to hold ace-spade.gifk-club.gif.

Quickly moved from another table to fill the empty seat, Najeem Ajez didn't take long to get involved as he 3-bet a player on the turn of a 9-club.gif10-spade.gif5-diamond.gifk-spade.gif board. His opponent was happy enough to get it in with ace-spade.gifk-club.gif but Ajez held 9-heart.gif5-heart.gif which held to see him double through. Ajez has 120,000.

Final six tables
8:44 pm 31/07/2016

There has been a flurry of activity over the last 20 minutes with the field slashed to our final six tables of 36 players.

Blinds are now up to 1,000/2,000 with a 300 ante.

Taunton taunted
8:41 pm 31/07/2016

A slightly unusual hand has just played out on the table closest to our reporting desk as the rising blinds start to bite.

It began with the cut-off opening to 3,200 and receiving calls from Brent Taunton on the button and the small blind. Hannah Lee then 3-bet to 15,000 in the big blind.

The cut-off tanked for some time before folding but Taunton shoved. The small blind folded and Lee called. Surprisingly it was Lee's5-spade.gif5-club.gif up against the q-spade.gif2-spade.gif of Taunton.

The board ran out 3-spade.gif8-club.giface-heart.gif9-heart.gif3-diamond.gif to send Taunton to the rail as Lee chips up to 135,000.