Poker Blog - 6-Handed Day 1

Final table bubble!
1:00 am 01/08/2016

We're now down to eight players and the final table bubble following Sanjeev Joshi's elimination.

Joshi shoved with k-heart.gifq-heart.gif and found himself needing some help against the ace-spade.gifj-club.gif of Samuel Kennedy. None arrived as the board ran out 5-club.gif5-heart.gif6-club.gif6-spade.gif2-heart.gif.

Final level of the night
12:27 am 01/08/2016

We may or may not lose the three players we need to reach the final table, but either way this will be the final level of the night!

Blinds are up to 4,000/8,000 with Ray Lapitan's elimination leaving us with 10.

Two more fall
12:24 am 01/08/2016

Jim Psaros won't be adding the PMA 6-handed trophy to his cabinet after going cold at exactly the wrong time. He has also been joined at the rail by Jianzhou Chang as the field drops to 11. 

King crushed
12:15 am 01/08/2016

Hannah Lee has gone on a heater at the perfect time to become our monster chip leader with 550,000 - more than double her nearest rival.

But her good fortune wasn't such great news for Michael King who contributed a large chunk of that stack. In what proved to be a brutal cooler, King flopped a flush holding j-diamond.gif7-diamond.gif on a ace-diamond.gif8-diamond.gif3-diamond.gif board only to find that Lee had flopped the nuts with k-diamond.gif2-diamond.gif.

He takes home $4,100 for his efforts. 


Down by 1,2,3,4
11:57 pm 31/07/2016

We've witnessed an explosion of activity since the bubble burst with four players hitting the rail in the last five minutes alone.

The carnage began when Paul Lockwood's q-club.gifq-diamond.gif couldn't hold on against ace-heart.gifk-club.gif with Igai Augerten, Marcel Tartak (all $3,075) and Francesco Losi ($4,100) joining him at the cashier. 

14 players remain.

Break time
11:31 pm 31/07/2016
Players are on their final 10-minute break of the night.
In the money!
11:23 pm 31/07/2016

At almost exactly the same time, two of our remaining short-stacks ran out of steam to rocket us into the money with 18 players remaining.

We are now down to our final three tables with each player guaranteed at least $3,075.

With nine minutes remaining in Level 15, the plan is to play  until the end of Level 17 unless we reach our seven-player final table first.

Losi never loses
11:18 pm 31/07/2016

Francesco Losi has survived a sticky situation after shoving for his remaining 55,000 from the small blind with 9-club.gif3-diamond.gifand running into the ace-diamond.gifj-diamond.gif of Jim Psaros.

Needing some help, Losi hit paydirt as he filled up on a 3-club.gif9-spade.gif6-diamond.gif7-heart.gif9-diamond.gif board to move back over 100,000.

Multiple short stacks as bubble looms
11:01 pm 31/07/2016

With 20 players remaining, we are now just two eliminations from the money - but more interesting is the fact that 6 of those players boast stacks of 100,000 chips or less.

Blinds are currently at 2,000/4,000 so it's not necessarily situation critical for all of them yet, however we don't expect the bubble too last too long tonight.  

Tables quickly turn
10:35 pm 31/07/2016

It didn't take long for the respective fortunes of Nick Polias and Madhu Appia to turn full circle on Table 26, with former short-stack Polias busting former big-stack Madhu to move to 170,000.

Madhu committed his remaining chips holding 6-heart.gif6-diamond.gif on a 2-diamond.gif5-heart.gifq-diamond.gif flop. Polias called with k-diamond.gif10-diamond.gif and with an abundance of outs found the k-heart.gifon the river to cut the field to 23.