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Joel Cohen eliminated in 2nd ($189,347)
11:30 pm 08/08/2016

Kahle Burns bumped it up to 550,000 and Joel Cohen announced he was all-in. Burns called.

It was Cohen with 6-club.gif6-heart.gif racing the ace-club.gifk-club.gif of Kahle Burns.

The board ran out ace-spade.gifj-spade.gif8-club.gif9-club.gifq-diamond.gif and Cohen is our runner-up!

(More to come ...)


SC16 MEFT Joel Cohen (1).jpg
Joel Cohen 
Cohen doubles with Aces
11:23 pm 08/08/2016

For the second time tonight, Kahle Burns shoved on a short-stacked Joel Cohen and for the second time tonight, Cohen woke up with a big pair.

This time it was Cohen with ace-club.giface-spade.gif against the ace-diamond.gifq-diamond.gif of Burns - the board providing no help to Burns as Cohen doubles again.

Kahle Burns - 8.8 million
Joel Cohen - 4 million

Burns not fooled
11:17 pm 08/08/2016

On a 4-spade.gif2-club.gif6-diamond.gif flop, Kahle Burns bet 310,000 and Joel Cohen called. The turn was the 6-club.gif and this time Cohen called a bet of 410,000.

When the 6-spade.gif landed on the river, Cohen led for 350,000 with Burns snap-calling. Cohen mucked his hand. 

Kahle Burns 10.3 million
Joel Cohen 2.5 million

New level
11:15 pm 08/08/2016
Blinds are up to 70,000/140,000 with a 20,000 ante.
Cohen doubles
10:53 pm 08/08/2016

With Joel Cohen down to 12 big blinds, Kahle Burns shoved from the button with 8-diamond.gifj-diamond.gif but ran into the q-heart.gifq-diamond.gif of Joel Cohen.

The board ran out 4-club.gif5-club.gifk-spade.gif2-heart.gifj-spade.gif as Cohen doubles back through to 3.5 million.

Burns is on 9.3 million 

Burns taking control
10:38 pm 08/08/2016

After limp-calling on the button pre-flop, Kahle Burns called a bet of 250,000 on the q-club.gif5-spade.gif10-heart.gif flop.

On the 2-diamond.gif turn, Cohen bet 325,000 only for Burns to re-raise to 865,000. Cohen folded.

Burns is up to 9 million

Burns retakes lead
10:24 pm 08/08/2016

On a q-diamond.gif10-diamond.gif6-club.gif flop, Kahle Burns bets 175,000 and Joel Cohen raises to 575,000. Burns calls before both player check the 8-heart.gif turn.

On the 7-diamond.gif river, Burns bet 750,000 with Cohen shaking his head before calling. Burns showed ace-diamond.gif8-diamond.gif to take down the pot and take back the chip lead 

Blind rise
10:19 pm 08/08/2016
Blinds are up to 60,000/120,000 with a 20,000 ante
Cohen draws level
10:06 pm 08/08/2016

On a 2-club.gifq-diamond.gif4-diamond.gif flop, Kahle Burns bet 230,000 and Joel Cohen called.

The turn was the 7-club.gif and Burns bet 575,000. Cohen called.

Botth players checked the 6-diamond.gif river with Burns mucking after Cohen showed q-heart.gif9-heart.gif.

Stacks are now just about even.

Burns starts fast
9:50 pm 08/08/2016

On a q-club.gif2-club.gif10-club.gifk-club.gif board, Joel Cohen bet 125,000 and Kahle Burns raised to 355,000. Cohen called.

On the 9-diamond.gif river, Burns bet 750,000 with Cohen going deep into the tank. He eventually folded as Burns edges slightly further ahead.

The race to the title is on!
9:43 pm 08/08/2016
Play is back underway. Blinds are at 50,000/100,000
We are heads-up!
9:34 pm 08/08/2016

Our heads-up players are now on a 10-minute break before we start our final run to find a winner. The stacks are as follows ...

Kahle Burns - 8 million
Joel Cohen - 4.8 million 

Reece Bedot eliminated in 3rd ($106,058)
9:31 pm 08/08/2016

The very next hand, Reece Bedot shipped for five big blinds with j-heart.gif10-club.gif and Cohen called with k-diamond.gif9-spade.gif.

Anither low board was all she wrote for Bedot as he hits the rail in third after a great run.


SC16 MEFT Reece Bedot.jpg
Reece Bedot
Another big Cohen/Bedot clash!
9:28 pm 08/08/2016

Joel Cohen and Reece Bedot have clashed again but this time it is Cohen that has come out on top.

Once again it was off to the races with Cohen holding 9-spade.gif9-club.gif and Bedot ace-spade.gifk-spade.gif. No help arrived for Bedot on the 2-heart.gif4-diamond.gif7-heart.gif7-club.gif2-spade.gif board and Bedot is crippled.

A Cohen recovery
9:13 pm 08/08/2016

Within minutes of being left short, Joel Cohen has clawed his way back to sit with 2 million in chips.

In his most recent hand, Cohen shoved with k-diamond.gifj-club.gif and was called by Reece Bedot with ace-club.gif8-club.gif.

The 4-diamond.gif2-diamond.gif4-heart.gifj-spade.gif7-heart.gif board saw him spike his survival on the turn and keep us three-handed!