For all the Mums out there!

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Spoil Your Mum

Every mum is different and that is one of the best things in the world. It’s what makes them your mum and nobody else’s. It also means that mums like different things and that’s why we have got loads of ways to spoil your mum this Mother’s Day. You are bound to find one to put that smile on her face that she so deserves.


The 'Queen' Mum


Sokyo’s sumptuous set menu

Every mum is a queen. Or, at the very least, deserves to be treated like one. Whether it was keeping you fed or being the very reason for your existence, we are sure you agree that she needs some royal treatment. From her arrival at Sokyo, when she’s given a glass of bubbles, she will get that special feeling. Throw in kingfish, lobster and Tajima sirloin and you have quite a feast on your hands.


The 'Cool' Mum


Flying Fish’s gorgeous seafood spread

Your mum is effortlessly stylish. She should be in a white flowing dress on the deck of a boat in St Tropez, her hair blowing in the wind. Effortlessly cool mums deserve a treat that is as awesome as them. The fresh tastes of Flying Fish’s specially crafted lunch menu is the perfect answer, with lobster cavatelli and perfectly cooked snapper. Delicious food made to look easy, in the way only masters at their craft can manage.


The 'Sharing' Mum


BLACK Bar and Grills mezza to share

She never complained when you used to steal food off her plate. She always made sure you were wrapped up in her blanket. She even let you climb in her bed when you were scared. Now it’s your chance to share, with this exceptional offering from BLACK Bar and Grill. Perfectly seasoned nibbles compliment flavoursome toothfish and BLACK’s signature Waygu. She may finally find it hard to share.


The 'Feeder' Mum


Harvest Buffet’s unlimited seafood

You always had the best packed lunched. She’s always checking that you’re eating enough and always giving you seconds. Harvest Buffet’s biggest seafood buffet ever is sure to make her happy, with an incredible selection of oysters, prawns, crabs and more. She can make sure you get seconds or thirds or fourths or…