Play in Mai Vàng Promotion Terms & Conditions


1. PLAY IN MAI VANG promotion (“Promotion”) commences on Monday 7 March and ends on Monday 21 March 2016. 

2. The Promotion comprises of thirty (30) Prize Draws (“Prize Draw/s”) in total. The Prize Draws will be held at 7:30pm and 8:30pm between Monday 7 March and Monday 21 March 2016 (inclusive).  

3. The period during which participants in the Promotion can earn virtual entries (“Entry / Entries”) into the Prize Draw/s is between 12:01am Monday 7 March to 8:00pm Monday 21 March 2016 (“Promotional Period”).



4. There will be thirty (30) numbered objects on a display at the Main Draw Location which will each contain a predetermined cash prize denomination as set out in clause 5 below. 

5. Prizes in each object will consist of the following breakdown:






6. Participation in the Promotion is limited to persons who are, insofar as is the case for the duration of the Promotional Period: 

  • a. 18 years of age or over; 
  • b. Absolute Rewards cardholders (“Card”); 
  • c. not International players and guests;
  • d. not Star Luxe members; and
  • e. not excluded from The Star 

(“Eligible Entrants”).

7. If an Eligible Entrant’s membership status is cancelled or otherwise amended during the Promotion so that he or she is no longer an Eligible Entrant, that person will no longer be eligible to enter or participate in the Promotion and will forfeit any entitlement to a prize (“Invalid Entry”).



8. Eligible Entrants can earn a maximum of one (1) Entry each calendar day during the Promotional Period by presenting their Card to the Dealer at a participating table prior to commencing play on a table game (excluding poker) or inserting their Card prior to commencing play on any slot machine or electronic table game in Mai Vang Lounge. Eligible Entrants can earn a maximum of fifteen (15) Entries.  Valid ratings will be calculated in the Konami Casino Management System (“KCMS”) based on the Eligible Entrants rated play during the Promotional Period.  

9. Eligible Entrants must also have a valid rating on the day of the Prize Draw if they have not earned  their Entry on that calendar day prior to the Prize Draw.

10. All Entries will be allocated to a virtual barrel (“Barrel”) in KCMS for each of the Prize Draws.

11. It is the Eligible Entrants’ responsibility to close their rating prior to each Prize Draw by asking the Dealer/Games Supervisor to close the rating and return their Card to them or to remove their card from the slot machine or electronic table game prior to each Prize Draw.

12. A valid rating is deemed to be a rating that is identifiable in the Table Management System by a Supervisor or Manager at the eligible table by use of Card, prior to commencing play or by inserting a Card into a slot machine or an electronic table game prior to commencing play.  

13. The Star reserves the right to determine if a rating is invalid, in The Star’s absolute discretion, if it has been open for a period of longer than 24 hours or if it is an identifiable system error. 



14. Each Prize Draw will be held at a designated location in Mai Vang Lounge (“Main Draw Location”).

15. One (1) randomly selected member will be chosen from the virtual barrel at each Prize Draw via the KCMS System (“Drawn Entrant”).

16. If the Drawn Entrant is deemed an Invalid Entry, it will not be considered as a valid draw and an additional entry will be selected until an Eligible Entrant is drawn.

17. The name and membership number of the Drawn Entrant identified as having a valid entry will be announced on the public address system at the Main Draw Location.

18. The Star does not guarantee that all draw announcements will be audible and understandable in all parts of the Main Draw Location at all times. Eligible Entrants accept full responsibility for being able to hear and understand draw announcements.

19. The qualified Drawn Entrant identified (“Prize Winner”) will be invited to pick one (1) numbered object from the display, open it and win the prize amount revealed on the inside and the inclusive jackpot amount if applicable.

20. If the Drawn Entry for a Prize Draw is deemed an Invalid Selection, a representative from The Star will pick one (1) numbered object from the display and the prize amount associated with that object will jackpot and be added to the amount eligible to be won at the next Prize Draw. 

21. If no valid Prize Winner is found at the last draw at 8:30pm Monday 21 March 2016, up to 2 redraws will be held.  If no valid Prize Winner is found after the 2 redraws, further redraws will occur for Eligible Entrants with existing Entries entered on any day during the Promotional Period, and who at the time of the further redraws have a valid open rating on any Table Game, slot machine or electronic table game in the Mai Vang Lounge on Monday 21 March 2016 until a valid Prize Winner is found.

22. If a Drawn Entry does not result in a Prize Winner the Entry will remain in the barrel for each subsequent Prize Draw. 



23. To claim a prize, a Drawn Entrant must present themselves to the representative of The Star at the Main Draw Location within four (4) minutes of their name being announced (“Standard Presentation Period”) as timed by the clock displayed at the Main Draw Location.   The Star, subject to any directions from the regulatory authority, may at any time (including after the Standard Presentation Period expires) and at its sole and absolute discretion, extend the Standard Presentation Period (“Extended Presentation Period”) applicable to any particular Drawn Entrant if that Drawn Entrant:

a. is on The Star premises during the Standard Presentation Period; 

b. identifies themselves to The Star during the Standard Presentation Period; 

c. attempts to present themselves at the Main Draw Location during the Standard Presentation Period; and

d. is in the course of attempting to present themselves at the Main Draw Location when the Standard Presentation Period expires.

24. To claim a prize, a Drawn Entrant must then produce within four (4) minutes of the expiry of the Standard Presentation Period or Extended Presentation Period (as the case may be), their current and valid Card and produce identification that is valid and acceptable to The Star (“Valid ID”).  


Valid ID means:

e. a passport, Australian driver’s licence or other form of photographic identification in which the photograph is clear and undamaged and that is otherwise acceptable to The Star; or 

f. two forms of non-photographic identification that are valid and acceptable to The Star.

25. The Star reserves the right to waive or vary the identification requirements in circumstances where the identity of a Drawn Entrant is determinable without the assistance of a Card or other form of identification.  

26. Subject to clause 23 and 24, if a Drawn Entrant does not present themselves to the representative of The Star at the Main Draw Location within the Standard Presentation Period or Extended Presentation Period (as the case may be), or cannot produce his/her Card or Valid ID within four (4) minutes of the expiry of the Standard Presentation Period or Extended Presentation Period (as the case may be) at the Main Draw Location, the selection will be deemed invalid (“Invalid Selection”) and the procedure in clause 15 and 16 will apply. 



27. The total prize pool is: $50,000 Cash.

28. The Star reserves the right to cancel or change the prize offered under the Promotion if there are any changes to the law which would or might render the Promotion or any prizes offered under the Promotion unlawful.

29. In the event that a malfunction occurs with KCMS, The Star will extract from KCMS all Entries earned as per clause 8 and 9 and conduct a manual draw.

30. No prize, entry or other feature of the Promotion can be transferred or redeemed for other goods or services.

31. A scrutineer nominated by The Star will be present at the time of any Prize Draw when an individual prize available to be won at that Prize Draw has a value over $10,000.

32. Conduct of the entire Promotion, including decisions on the eligibility of persons to enter and validity of entry and prizes, shall be the responsibility of The Star. The Star’s decisions in relation to the conduct of the Promotion are final.

33. To the extent that a situation, malfunction, or other issue arises for which these terms and conditions make no provision or in relation to which the relevant terms and conditions are unclear, The Star reserves the right to (a) make a decision regarding those circumstances which is not inconsistent with these terms and conditions; and/or (b) postpone the draw(s) to a time and place which will allow the draw to be conducted in accordance with all terms and conditions other than those terms and conditions which specify the time and place of the draw(s).

34. The Star is not responsible for any loss, damage or injury suffered or claimed, including, but no limited to, indirect or consequential loss or damage, personal injury or death, and direct or indirect loss or damage by an entrant in relation to entering or participating in this Promotion or taking or using the prizes offered except where that loss, damage or injury was caused by breach of these terms and conditions by The Star or the wilful or negligent acts or omissions of The Star. To avoid any doubt The Star shall not be liable for loss caused by technical and mechanical malfunction which is outside the control of The Star.

35. The Prize Winner and any other person(s) nominated to share the prize with the Prize Winner agrees to accept, receive and use the Prize at their own risk and will, at all times, indemnify, keep indemnified, hold harmless and release The Star to the full extent permitted by law from and against any and all claims, causes of action, losses, damage, liability, cost or expense (including legal expenses on a full indemnity basis), incurred by The Star as a result of or in connection with the Promotion and from all liability which may arise in respect of any accident, damage or injury occurring to any person or property in connection with the Prize and / or the Prize Winner. The Prize Winner and any other person(s) nominated to share the prize with the Prize Winner will be required to sign an agreement to release The Star from and indemnify The Star against any liability arising from the use or participation in the prize.

36. The Star may disclose your personal information including details of Prize Winners where The Star is required or authorised to do so by or under law or there the disclosure is reasonably necessary to enforce the law. This may occur under the laws that apply to our business, for example, where a regulatory authority requests information from us.

37. Directors, management and employees of any of The Star Entertainment Group of companies (including, without limitation, The Star and Jupiter’s companies) and their immediate families are not eligible to participate in the Promotion.

38. Participation in the Promotion by an Eligible Entrant confirms acceptance of the terms and conditions governing The Star membership programs and the Promotion.

39. Should the Prize Winner consent to having his/her photograph taken, that Prize Winner consents to having his/her name and photograph published in any form of media and agrees to participate in any reasonable promotion requested by The Star.

40. The Prize Winner’s and/or their membership number will be available at the Absolute Rewards Desk within 48 hours of the conclusion of the Promotion.

41. The laws of the state of New South Wales govern the Promotion.

42. A copy of the terms and conditions governing the Promotion can be obtained from the Absolute Rewards Desk at The Star.