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Congratulations to our VIP Origin Experience winner - Jayden!

Jayden's maroon confession was impressive and we loved his sense of commitment to the Queensland Maroons!

I had $10,000 worth of maroon paint and graphics painted on my white car to turn the car into a Qld origin jersey!


Other notable entries
  • I flew home to Brisbane from college in Toronto, Canada to watch game 3 at Suncorp Stadium in 2015.
  • Spray painted the car Maroon colours but didn't read the can which says do not spray on metal. $5000 later and a near divorce.
  • Driving 10 hours to Sydney on game day in hope of getting a ticket, watching QLD win, then driving 10 hours home that night.
  • I had two Dalmatians and I dyed them maroon every game and walked them with pride lol.
  • Booked a flight 4hrs before kick-off to Sydney for a game than did an all-nighter in the city and got the 6am flight home.


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