Maroon Throne

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Feel like a King or Queen in the Maroon Throne
State of Origin Ultimate Footy Chair
Go in the running to win a piece of State of Origin history, the first of its kind and one of only 2 in existence!
This custom made recliner is wrapped in cushioned soft leather, making it the best seat in the house to cheer on your team.

With a double USB port, Bluetooth connectivity and built in speakers you'll feel as if you are front row at the game. Plus never go thirsty again with a built in fridge and cup holder!
Congratulations Michael!

Congratulations to Michael from Surfers Paradise who won our Maroon Throne! 

Built in ESKY

Fancy a cold beer while watching the footy? Don't worry, you won't have to miss a second of the action as the custom made, built in esky can hold up to 12 ice cold stubbies. 

Built in BOSE Speaker system

Feel like a night in with some music and cold drinks, we've got you covered again! 

With built in Bose speakers, you can sit back and enjoy tunes all night long!

Double USB + Headphone port

Ever had your mobile phone run out of battery just as you're about to make that important Facebook post? You won't have to worry about your phone running out of battery with this Chair.... We've included a double USB port and chucked in a headphone port for good measure!

Stubby Holder!

Nothing says comfort like not having to hold your own drink. Just pop it in the Stubby Holder!

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