Autumn Made Simple

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Autumn Made Simple


“Just come back to me”

“What are you having?”

We all know someone who suffers from ‘menu panic’: the completely inability to decide what to eat when faced with a choice. They umm and they ahh while you get hungrier and hungrier. Surely, you ask yourself, something can be done to help the chronically undecided.

Well The Star Gold Coast has the answer to your prayers this Autumn it seems, with a series of seafood oriented events putting the choice in the chef’s hands., All you have to do is turn up and be treated to some exceptional cooking.

Take the Omakase dinner at Kiyomi for example. Omakase literally means ‘I leave it up to you’ in Japanese and that is precisely what you’ll do at this unique and intimate dining experience. Kiyomi’s expert chefs will decide on the night what they think you should eat and they’ll then craft those dishes in front of you. Who needs a tailormade suit when you can have tailormade sushi?!

If the idea having no menu leaves you a little unsettled, then don’t worry, Nineteen at The Star has what you need. The Sustainability Seafood Dinner has a menu but not like you’ve seen before. These beautifully crafted menus will lead you into an 8-course journey through the ocean, only showing you which sea creature will be the centre piece of the next dish and the depth at which it is found.

What, you cry, am I supposed to do if I can’t even choose between restaurants, let alone what to eat when I get there?

Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it’s the Star Grazing tour to the rescue. This exceptional evening of dining takes you to four of The Star’s world class restaurants, with a different course served at each. On those evenings when someone wants Italian, someone fancies sushi and someone else has been craving Chinese no fights are necessary. Start off at Garden Kitchen & Bar before indulging in the deliciousness of Kiyomi, Cucino Vivo and Imperial at The Star. Finish off with a rooftop cocktail at Nineteen at The Star. 

There’s only one decision you need to make at the Star Gold Coast this Autumn; what to try first?

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