The Star Community Grants

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The support of local community groups and charities plays an important role in building positive relationships between The Star and the places we call home.

The Star Community Grants Program provides support to projects and initiatives that have a positive and lasting impact on our city.  It provides a mechanism to fund capital projects, events and activities through a consistent, fair and transparent process to ensure a range of community groups, charities and not-for-profit organisations are supported.

The Community Grants Program will be funded through The Star’s Found Monies (standing charity donation boxes, “wishing well” fountains, or the proceeds of lost property sales) to guarantee that this money collected goes back into the community where it is most needed.

Eligibility Criteria

The Star Gold Coast will consider providing up to $10,000 of funding for capital projects, events or activities that meet these requirements:

  • Individuals planning an activity, event or undertaking a capital project for the benefit of the community (within the City of Gold Coast local government area); or
  • Established community groups and not for profit organisations planning an activity, event or undertaking a capital project for the benefit of the community (within the City of Gold Coast local government area); or
  • Workplaces or businesses that are planning an activity, event or undertaking a capital project that supports the local community (within the City of Gold Coast local government area); and
  • Should be a legal entity with an ABN number, incorporated association or registered charity.
Selection Criteria

Each application received will be assessed on these criteria:

  1. Capital project, event or activity located within the local area and must be conducted within the next 12 months;
  2. Clearly identifies and addresses community involvement;
  3. Directly benefits or builds capacity within the community;
  4. Detailed description of the event, activity or capital project including timeframes and an itemised budget;
  5. Assessment of past grants if applicable; and
  6. Only one successful application per organisation and project per financial year.

How do I apply for funding?

All applications must be submitted through our online application form to be considered valid.

If my organisation has been previously awarded by The Star can we still apply?

Yes, you are eligible to apply. However, first time applicants will be given priority.

What postcode should I list in the application form if my project is based in an area that is different to our organisation’s location?

The postcode you should enter should be the location of the target groups for your project that you are seeking to have funding for, not your organisation's office address.

Can I only apply for a grant?

Non-financial support such as prizes for charity and not-for-profit raffles and fundraisers can be applied for at any time via Please note that not every request for raffle and fundraising prizes can be accommodated and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

How do I know The Star has received my application?

You will receive an acknowledgement email from The Star confirming that your application has been received.

How are grant applications assessed?

Grant applications are reviewed every quarter in a calendar year – in March, June, September, and December. Depending on the number of applications under review this may take up to four weeks.

Applications will be assessed based on alignment with The Star eligibility and selection criteria. These assessments are then considered by the selection panel consisting of The Star’s senior management.

When will I find out if my grant application has been successful?

Grant recipients will be receiving a confirmation that includes a timeframe of the review process.

Please note that The Star cannot fund all eligible applicants as part of the Community Grant program. All applicants will be notified by email or mail (where no email address is given) of the assessment outcome.

If successful in receiving a grant, how long do I have to spend the grant?

If successful, organisations need to spend the funding within 12 months of receiving the grant.

What happens if my grant application is successful?

Successful applicants must sign a grant agreement before payment is made. The grant agreement covers:

  • - use of funds for purposes outlined in the agreement only;
    - communications and promotions requirements such as signage and social media posts;
  • - reporting requirement;
  • - release The Star from any liability the organisation may incur in relation to the project; and
  • - the provision of a summary or report of the use of funds after the event or purpose of activity has been completed.

What will I need to report when I receive a grant?

Grant recipients must report on their project or activity as detailed in their grant agreement, which will specify a timeframe for doing so. All successful projects will need to acknowledge the support of The Star through media release and/or social media posts, details of which will be specified in the grant agreement.

I need more help with my application, who can I contact?

If you need help with your grant application, please email