Mini Baccarat

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Baccarat is an elegant casino game that has been made world famous in the great casinos of Europe. The game is even more famous for the high stakes and high adventure portrayed in countless novels and movies.

The version of Baccarat played on the Main Gaming Floor and in the private gaming rooms is known as ‘Mini Baccarat’, and is played on a smaller, simpler table.


There are only two hands in Mini Baccarat – the Banker’s and the Player’s. There are no individual hands for Players. These “community hands” are the focus for all Players. You are therefore not playing against the other Players or the House, you are simply betting against the cards.

In Mini Baccarat, the highest count possible is nine. Tens, picture cards and multiples of ten are counted as zero. Aces are counted as one. All cards from two to nine are counted at face value. The aim of the game is to bet on the hand that you believe will total closest to nine. See our examples of Mini Baccarat hands for an illustration.



To play the game of Mini Baccarat you have to consider how much to bet, whether to back the Player or the Banker to win, or to opt for a “tie”.

While maintaining all the exhilaration of its predecessor, Mini Baccarat is played on a smaller table. This is a fun, faster version of the game.

Mini Baccarat is played with six to eight full decks, which are shuffled by the Dealer, cut by a Player, and placed in a “shoe”, from which the cards are dealt.



To commence the game, all Players place their bets on the Player’s hand, the Banker’s hand, or tie bet. You may also choose to bet on both Player or Banker and a tie. Once the bets are placed, two cards are dealt to both the Player’s and the Banker’s hands.

If a hand’s first two cards total eight or nine, it is considered a “natural” and no more cards are dealt. A third and final card may be dealt, depending on the combined value of the first two cards. Third cards are dealt first to the Player’s hand then to the Banker’s hand.

The Dealer calls every play in Mini Baccarat, in accordance with the following tables of play. Both the Banker’s and Player’s hands must draw according to these fixed rules. There are no options regarding drawing the third card for either the Banker’s or the Player’s hand.



Winning bets placed on the Player’s hand are paid even money. Winning bets placed on the Banker’s hand are paid even money, less a 5% House commission. You may also bet that the result will be a draw or “tie”. When a tie results, tie bets are paid eight to one; other bets neither win nor lose.



No commission Baccarat is a variation of the game of Mini Baccarat which makes the game faster to play.

All winning hands are paid even money with the exception of when the Banker wins with a point count of six. Bets are then paid at odds of 1 to 2. You may also bet that the result will be a draw or “tie”. When a tie results, tie bets are paid 8 to 1; other bets neither win nor lose.



Total of first two cardsOutcome
0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5draws a third card
6, 7stands
8, 9“natural” - stands



When the first two cards total zero, one or two, the Banker’s hand draws a card. When the total of the Banker’s first two cards is three or more, the outcome depends on the third card drawn by the Player, as detailed below.

Total of first
two cards
Draws a card when Player’s third card isStands when Player’s third card is
31, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 108
42, 3, 4, 5, 6, 71, 8, 9, 10
54, 5, 6, 71, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10
66, 71, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10
8,9“natural” - stands



Mini Baccarat tables have varying minimum and maximum bets. Before you sit down, please check the sign displaying the minimum and maximum bets at the table, and look for the no commission signs. Please ask any of our gaming team for assistance.



Dragon bonus is an additional wager available on Mini Baccarat. Players may place a wager on a table that provides for dragon bonus. To play, place a wager on dragon bonus Banker and/or dragon bonus Player. Dragon bonus wagers win if the point total of the winning hand is 4 points or higher than the losing hand or if the winning hand is a natural. Dragon bonus wagers lose if the result is a tie or the point total of the winning hand is less than 4. A tie hand on a natural is a stand off.



Dragon Bonus WinPayout Odds
Win by 9 points30 to 1
Win by 8 points10 to 1
Win by 7 points6 to 1
Win by 6 points4 to 1
Win by 5 points2 to 1
Win by 4 points1 to 1
Natural Winner1 to 1



Mini Baccarat is able to be played on an Electronic Terminal. The help menu on the terminal displays player instructions and information for playing Mini Baccarat on an Electronic Terminal.


Mini Baccarat is a game of chance where numbered cards less than 10 count as their face values, Aces are worth one, and 10 and face (picture) cards are worth zero. Two cards are dealt to both the Player’s hand and the Banker’s hand, then depending on the totals of those two cards, a third card may be dealt to either or each hand. These totals are read as if the first digit does not exist - so a hand totaling 15 becomes five. The Winner of the game has the total card value closest to nine. Players can bet on the Player’s hand or the Banker’s hand, or bet that the hands will tie. The House margin for Mini Baccarat is around 1.2%.

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