How to Play Gaming Machines

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How to Play Gaming Machines

There is nothing like the sound of the gaming machine floor in action. With an energetic crowd and electric atmosphere this is the heart of the casino. Among these you will find the most popular machines available in Australia.

On gaming machines you can play at your own pace, for as long as you like, for as much or as little as you like.



The aim of the game on gaming machines is to spin the reels and come up with a winning combination.


There are two main types of gaming machines, traditional spinning reel machines (pokies) and Keno machines. There are several different kinds of spinning reel machines, but the main types are:


Multiline gaming machines give you the opportunity to achieve a win on a number of lines simultaneously. Your chosen lines of play are illuminated in each game.


Multiplier gaming machines give you the opportunity to vary the amount you bet on each line. Many of our gaming machines are a combination of multiline and multiplier, which means you can play for as much or as little as you like all on the one gaming machine.



To play the gaming machines simply insert your cash or coins, select the options you wish to play then press the START/SPIN button to set the reels in motion. Some machines will automatically spin when you select the number of credits you wish to play. The gaming machine calculates and displays your payout automatically. You may then have the option of gambling your win or paying the proceeds directly to your credit meter.

There are many different denominations of gaming machines and care should be taken to ensure you are playing a machine with your desired denomination. For your convenience all machines accept $1 coins and Australian bank notes as displayed on the machine.

When cashing out simply press the COLLECT button and your payout will be dispersed in coins or a payout voucher for larger payouts.

Should you have any questions at any time do not hesitate to press the ATTENDANT button and one of our friendly team members will come to your machine.



  • COIN SLOT : Insert $1 coins to increase your credit value.
  • NOTE ACCEPTOR : Insert accepted denominations of notes to increase your credit value.
  • CREDIT METER : Displays your current credit value, some machines also display the credit value in dollars and cents.
  • BET BUTTONS : Press to select the amount and the number of lines you wish to bet.
  • BET DISPLAY : Displays the number of credits bet on the current game.
  • ATTENDANT BUTTON : Press for assistance from a Gaming Machine Attendant.



By pressing the "rules" button on some machines you may access a screen that explains the rules of that particular machine. Otherwise the rules are displayed on a graphics board on each machine.



Many gaming machines have built in features that are automatically initiated when the required combination appears or your machine randomly selects the feature. In some instances you are only required to push the START FEATURE button. Other features are more interactive and require you to press the START FEATURE button at various stages of the feature.

Please ask our friendly gaming team for assistance if required.



Keno gaming machines give you several different ways to play Keno, including progressive jackpot Keno. Keno machines are played by selecting a group of numbers between 1 and 80 (each type of Keno machine has a minimum and maximum amount of numbers that can be selected).

When you press the START/SPIN button the Keno machine will draw 20 numbers. If the required number of balls drawn match the numbers you selected, you win. The more numbers you match, the more you win. You may then change your numbers or keep the same numbers for the next game.


On progressive jackpot machines a jackpot (or jackpots) increases with each play and can be won randomly or by a set combination appearing on the machine. Linked progressive jackpots are a group of two or more machines that are linked to a progressive jackpot. The jackpot (or jackpots) are displayed within the individual machines or above a group of linked machines.



Gaming machines in Casinos in Queensland are programmed to return an expected average rate of a minimum of 90% or greater to the Player over a long period of time. This Player return rate is not an outcome of a single game but an average of many games on a machine over a period of time. 

The reason for this is that gaming machines use the concept of chance and randomness. Chance is the likely outcome of a particular event and randomness is the order in which the outcome will occur. For instance the chance of getting a 'head' or a 'tail' when you toss a coin is 50/50 and there is no particular order in which the head or the tail will occur (randomness).

As gaming machines have far more possibilities than a coin (which only has two possibilities - head or tail) the chance and randomness of achieving a winning outcome is very different, as illustrated in the table below. Generally the higher the prize, the more unlikely it is to occur.



Prize value


Chance of the prize happening on a single play line

(including scatters) 1 chance in:

More than 500


200 to 499


100 to 199


50 to 99


20 to 49


10 to 19


5 to 9


1 to 4





Prize type by symbol combination

Highest prize combination

Chance of the combination happening on a single play line. 1 chance in:

5 of a kind


4 of a kind


3 of a kind


2 of a kind


1 of a kind


Overall chances on single play line

Chance of ANY prize: 1 in 8
Chance of NO prize: 7 in 8



  • All the values shown are averages. It is likely that significant variations to these will happen during any session of play. 
  • If the machine you are playing is a linked machine, the chances of a prize or combination occuring will be different to those above (but can only be better). 

Bet with your head, not over it. View our responsible gambling policy.