Recycled Water

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Water Recycling Program

Jupiters Gold Coast Water Saving Initiative

During 2002 the Gold Coast experienced a very serious drought whereby the Gold Coast City Council enforced a strict water restriction policy for Gold Coaster's to adhere to.


In response to the Gold Coast City Council's water restrictions and as part of Gold Coast Water's drought management strategy, Jupiters Limited decided that possible usage of recycled water would be a viable and responsible decision to save water within the Gold Coast community.


As a result and in accordance with the Department of Environment and Resource Management, Jupiters Hotel & Casino developed a recycled water management plan (RWMP). Jupiters RWMP (Scheme Number SRN00005) was approved with regulatory conditions on 11th March 2011.


Class C recycled water is now supplied to Jupiters island from Gold Coast Water's waste water treatment plants at Merrimac and Elanora. The Class C recycled water is treated through a recycled water treatment plant which employs chlorination, sand filtration and disinfection by ultraviolet light to produce Class A recycled water. The Class A recycled water is distributed to the Jupiters’ irrigation system and its reverse osmosis water treatment plant. The reverse osmosis water plant employs further treatment to produce Class A+ recycled water for Jupiters Cooling Towers, Boilers, Laundry and flusherettes that supply casino toilets on levels 1-4. The treatment process is made up of four main components, namely pre-treatment for the RO feed water, the RO unit, UV disinfection and post RO treatment of chlorination and pH control, as required. 


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