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The Star Event Centre

Located on the rooftop of The Star with panoramic views over Sydney Harbour and the city skyline, the $100m Event Centre is a multi-purpose venue suitable for a wide variety of events. Recognised as an industry leading and fully integrated audio, visual, lighting and production system – The Event Centre technical production consists of not only the highest quality of equipment, but also delivers a world class standard through the expertise of our technicians.

The Star Event Centre has won multiple awards from Meetings & Events Australia (MEA) and is also a business partner of Professional Conference Organisers Association (PCO).


Fast Facts
The Star Event Centre Fast Facts



Winner in the category of Specialty Event Venue, Meetings & Events Australia (MEA) National and NSW State Awards 2015 and 2016.

Winner in the category of Technical & Creative Production - In-house AV ServicesMeetings & Events Australia (MEA) NSW Awards 2015 and 2016.



The Star Event Centre can be reconfigured to suit a large range of events from 20 guests for a meeting to 960 for a banquet dinner or 3,000 for a cocktail or theatre style event. The main floor on Level 3 can be split into two separate rooms with a capacity of approximately 800 and 500. In addition the Balcony on Level 5 offers tiered theatre style seating for up to 981 guests. The foyer has the ability to cater pre-drinks and canapés before guests enter the main room with its impressive 12m ceilings that enable the creation of spectacular productions.



Just off the Event Centre foyer is a traditional meeting room, the Attic, perfect for smaller meetings or as a breakout space for up to 100 guests theatre style. Alternatively, it can be used as a meet and greet, secretariat, satchel packing space or media room. In addition, The Event Centre is well equipped with 8 dressing/green rooms to accommodate your entertainers and crew requirements.



It is one of the most technologically advanced venues with a state-of the-art sound system that is revered as one of best in Australia. The 220 panels of modular 5mm pitch LED can be utilised to create an endless variety of visual event production. In addition, it boasts outside broadcast capability with high speed fibre links on-site, so it is possible to broadcast anywhere in the world. The dedicated technical department at The Star Event Centre have extensive knowledge in show production, entertainment and event design, so every event can make the most of the technology that is available. Making it the venue of choice for some of Australia’s A-list events including the ARIA Awards.



The Star Event Centre challenges the pre-conceived idea of event cuisine. Every meal is created using the finest produce. Taking advantage of our teams diverse cultures, experiences and trainings – the Event Centre team focus on the smallest details. We ensure the banqueting experience is nothing less than restaurant quality.



Taking advantage of its expansive water views, the Event Centre Deck is available for exclusive hire year round. During the warmer months it is home to one of Sydney’s most luxurious rooftop bars, Sky Terrace.

Capacities & Floor Plans

Level 3

Level 3 capacities at The Star Event Centre



  • Flat floor only, 1077m2, capacity: 1474
  • Flat floor and retractable seating: 1530 (810 flat floor + 720 rectractable)


  • 5.5ft Rounds, 10 per table, capacity: 960
  • 6ft Rounds, 10 per table, capacity: 770


  • 5.5ft Rounds, 8 per table, capacity: 768
  • 6ft Rounds, 8 per table, capacity: 664


  • 3 per table, capacity: 657


  • Capacity: 2000 - 2200


SIZE: 589m2


  • Capacity: 702


  • 5.5ft Rounds, 10 per table, capacity: 450
  • 6ft Rounds, 10 per table, capacity: 400


  • 5.5ft Rounds, 8 per table, capacity: 360
  • 6ft Rounds, 8 per table, capacity: 328


  • 3 per table, capacity: 297


  • Capacity: 800 - 1000


SIZE: 467m2


  • Flat floor only, 1077m2, capacity: 504


  • 5.5ft Rounds, 10 per table, capacity: 300
  • 6ft Rounds, 10 per table, capacity: 270


  • 5.5ft Rounds, 8 per table, capacity: 240
  • 6ft Rounds, 8 per table, capacity: 216


  • 3 per table, capacity: 201


  • Capacity: 500 - 800


SIZE: 143m2


  • Flat floor only, 1077m2, capacity: 100


  • 5.5ft Rounds, 10 per table, capacity: 90
  • 6ft Rounds, 10 per table, capacity: 60


  • 5.5ft Rounds, 8 per table, capacity: 48
  • 6ft Rounds, 8 per table, capacity: 48


  • 3 per table, capacity: 60


  • Capacity: 100



  • Capacity: 800

The Deck (Sky Terrace)


  • Capacity: 950

Level 4

Level 4 Suites and Galleries capacity at The Star Event Centre

Suites & Galleries


  • Suite A Capacity: 19
  • Suite B Capacity: 27
  • Suite C Capacity: 27
  • Suite D Capacity: 19


  • Gallery A Capacity: 39
  • Gallery B Capacity: 34

Level 5

Level 5 Balcony capacity at The Star Event Centre

Balcony & Galleries

  • Balcony Capacity: 981
  • Gallery C Capacity: 32
  • Gallery D Capacity: 32

Dressing Rooms

Dressing Rooms and Production Offices Capacity

Level 1 Dressing Rooms & Production Offices

Dressing Rooms

  • Dressing Room 3 Capacity: 10 - 15
  • Dressing Room 4 Capacity: 12
  • Dressing Room 5 Capacity: 5
  • Dressing Room 6 Capacity: 4
  • Dressing Room 7 Capacity: 2
  • Dressing Room 8 Capacity: 1

​Production Office

  • Production Office 1 Capacity: 2 - 4
  • Production Office 2 Capacity: 2 - 4

Level 3 Star Dressing Room

  • Dressing Room 1 Capacity: 6
  • Dressing Room 2 Capacity: 2
  • Lounge and Dining Room Area Capacity: 10 - 15
Important Information
  1. Cabaret capacities may increase or decrease based on having 6, 7 or 8 guests per table (above is based on 8 per table).
  2. All final floor plans must be approved by The Star.
  3. Maximum capacities are subject to review based on final event set-up and AV requirements.



​Securing the right culinary talent has been key to our success. You can find out more details about our food and beverage offerings for functions and events at The Star.



Since late 2011, New York-based D.avid Chang opened Momofuko Seiōbo, Stefano Manfredi launched Balla, Melbourne restauranteur Teage Ezard opened BLACK by ezard, while the Wongs unveiled The Century. Add to this our 16 other restaurants, and you can understand why General Manager of Food & Beverage, Andy North is one busy man, who ensures the Event Centre provides its clients and their guests the same high standard of cuisine and service found elsewhere in The Star.



With a focus on sourcing fresh, Australian ingredients, we offer event planners a wide range of food styles to choose from, including Modern Australian, French, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese. We are also well versed at catering for international visitors and can usually source whatever your guests require.



When you plan an event at The Star we'll invite you to check out the world-class Event Centre kitchen, and brainstorm ideas with you to ensure that the menu is carefully, and imaginatively, tailored to your needs. The tasting is, of course, on us.



Download our Event Centre Menus in PDF.

Breakfast Menu

Working Lunch Menu

Plated Lunch Menu

Buffet Menu

Full Day Delegate Package

Cocktail Reception

Dinner Menu

Chinese Dinner Menu

Beverage Menu and Packages

Technology at The Star Event Centre


The Star has excellent technical expertise in audio-visual, lighting, communciation and more to cater to your technology needs for your events.



The Event Centre’s communication and Internet systems are equipped to service meetings, conventions and exhibitions with ease. We also offer cutting-edge digital solutions tailored to awards ceremonies, concerts, sporting events, parties and shows. The Event Centre features over 1,000 high-speed connection points for data, networking and Internet services. These allow your guests to stay online and informed at all times. At the Event Centre you can:

  • Share your event with the outside world via live webcasts and video conferencing
  • Use the Ethernet to network any number of rooms across the venue
  • Keep everyone connected through high-speed wireless, and wired, internet connections
  • Use digital signage to help your guests move in the right direction or display branding key messages
  • Publicise details of your event on The Star’s well-trafficked website

You can consult our Star Event Planner about your communication requirements. They will liaise with the IT team to work out the best communication solutions to enhance your event.



The Event Centre’s audio-visual and technical capabilities are state-of-the-art and are flexible enough to meet the demands of different events and formats. There are three projectors and screens available on the main stage, with additional AV also available. These can be operated from the main control room, located backstage. Multiple control positions are also available in the Main Room should AV operators need to interact with the live environment.



The Entertainment Department can provide compelling and creative lighting and music solutions, no matter what your vision or event. Thanks to a combination of world-class equipment and an intimate knowledge of all of the facilities that the Events Centre has to offer, our team are well positioned to guide you through the many lighting and music options available. A dedicated Technical Director will work closely with you, in conjunction with your Star Event Planner, all the way from the initial planning and concept stages right through to managing all of the technical elements on the day. Our team delivers an integrated service that encompasses expertise in all areas of technical production. Combined with our creative approach, we can ensure that your event will be a resounding success, whatever your technical requirements.



Naturally, when you’re throwing an amazing event you want to ensure those special moments are properly captured. Whether you require a professional photographer to make sure your event gets into the business or social pages, or you need to provide your client with incredible images or video of their event after the fact, we can help. The Star has a dedicated social photographer on staff, as well as access to a number of excellent preferred photographers for stage photography. Our versatile team can arrange and manage a variety of set-ups to suit your needs. Perhaps you need a studio established in the pre-function area so that your guests can be photographed as they arrive against the company backdrop and the images processed on the same night? We can do that. Or maybe you’d like an off-stage studio space in which to shoot your award winners with their trophies in order to keep events moving swiftly along on the night? We can arrange that too. Whatever type of photographer or videographer you may need, we can make sure you have the best professionals on-hand, so that your event is beautifully captured and remembered.


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