Sky Deck

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Above and beyond

Get ready to see Brisbane from a new perspective

Introducing Australia’s newest sky-high playground. Soaring 100 metres above the bustling CBD, Sky Deck is an expansive viewing deck that is set to serve up unforgettable moments in the sky come 2024. 


Discover the best of Brisbane in one captivating day-to-night destination as you soak in spectacular views and explore any one of Sky Deck’s three highly distinct venues: Aloria, Babblers, and Cicada Blu. 


Aloria is an exquisite redefining dining destination where European elegance meets Australian charm. Babblers takes casual all-day dining to new heights with its relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. And as the sun sets, the beats rise at Cicada Blu, promising a buzzing vibe that moves with the rhythm of the river city. 


From a breezy brunch or leisurely lunch, to sunset soirees, intimate dinner dates and extraordinary celebrations, Sky Deck will be a place to visit for the views, but stay for the experience. 

Discover delicious breakfasts, lunches, dinners, drinks and in-betweens.


Sunsets and sunrises stretching from the CBD to Moreton Bay will also be on the menu, with Sky Deck open to the public 24/7 throughout the year.

Eat & Drink at the Sky Deck


Aloria will redefine destination dining in Brisbane. Soaring 100 metres above the river city, a haven of understated luxury and service will envelop your senses. Sip on a bespoke martini, settle in with a bottle from our cellar in the sky, and enjoy the theatre as your dining experience unfolds. Look forward to the gentle flicker of flames, the aromas and depth of flavour from the open kitchen, plus the joy of sharing memorable moments. 

Cicada Blu

Taking centre stage on Sky Deck, Cicada Blu is our captivating day-to-night destination, with exotic elixirs, bold botanical infusions, and a bespoke selection of local and international beers, ciders and wines. As the sun sets, the beats will rise with the rhythm of the river city coming to life. 


Set to become a much-loved bustling institution for it’s warm and welcoming vibe, Babblers will feature all your favourites, plus perfectly imperfect hand-crafted flatbreads, topped with seasonal ingredients bursting with flavour. Pair your meal with a local craft beer, wine or the best coffee in town as you celebrate simple things done exceptionally well. 

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