Poker Blog - Main Event Day 1 Flight 1

James Obst among Flight 1 chip leaders
12:34 am 06/08/2016

And that's all she wrote for today's opening flight. 

In what will almost certainly set a new record tomorrow as the biggest Sydney Championships main event field of all time, 197 players took their seat today and after 11 hours of play, 55 of them remain.

In an ominous sign for his rivals, James Obst - fresh from his 13th place finish in the WSOP main event - is one of just two players to finish the day with over 300,000 in chips. he sits second behind chip leader Andrew Kitchen, who finished the day with 334,600.

They will return on Sunday along with tomorrow's survivors to start their journey, hopefully, towards the final table.

The top 5 stacks from Flight 1 are...


1. Andrew Kitchen - 334,600
2. James Obst - 316,700
3. Marc Liddel - 288,900
4. Nurlan boobekov - 265,300
5. Darwin Lai - 208,300 

SC16 MED1F1 James Obst.jpg
James Obst
Three hands remaining
12:18 am 06/08/2016
The floor staff have told the dealers to deal three more hands before we bag and tag for the night
Levy breaks
12:00 am 06/08/2016

Star Summer Series champion Michael Levy has hit the rail after getting the last of his chips in with the naked flush draw and running into the ace-club.giface-heart.gif of Darwin Lai.

The board bricked as Lai grabs a few more chips to near 300,000.


Chip counts
11:57 pm 05/08/2016
Andrew Kitchen 300000
James Obst 265000
Mark Liddell 255000
Darwin Lai 220000
Andy Lee 165000
Stevan Chew 160000
Nurlan Boobekov 150000
Michael Kanaan 145000
Shivan Abdine 130000
Tony Kambouroglou 130000
Luke Edwards 120000
Jim Pizanias 100000
Jason Gray 90000
Jarryd Godena 90000
Rob Spano 80000
Phachara Wongwichit 75000
John Caridad 70000
Billy Argyros 70000
Tobin Marsh 70000
Sam Khouiss 65000
Bruce Hall 55000
Ronnie Shabtay 50000
Roy Vandersluis 50000
Dean Blatt 50000
Erronlyn Strang 45000
Adrian Attenborough 42000
Matt Rolfe 38000
Tino Lechich 30000
Michael Levy 23000
Trevor Saunders 0
Michael O'Grady 0
Michael Tran 0
Didier Guerin 0
Chris Ayoub 0
Chad Awerbuch 0
Jared Graham 0
Tony Hachem 0
James Camilleri 0
Higgs hung
11:44 pm 05/08/2016

We caught the action on the turn with the board reading 3-diamond.gif6-spade.gif10-heart.gif3-club.gif and Sam Higgs facing a bet from Nurlan Boobekov that was enough to put him all-in for his last 50,000.

Higgs shrugged and eventually made the call with 7-heart.gif7-spade.gif but didn't like what he saw when Boobekov showed 10-diamond.gif6-club.gif. The river bricked to send Higgs to the rail.

Boobekov moves to 240,000.


Obst on the prowl
11:26 pm 05/08/2016

One man who has been going about his work quietly today is James Obst.

One of Australia's most accomplished tournament players, Obst is coming off a 13th-place finish in the WSOP Main Event where he collected US$427,930 and is going well again here in the Sydney Championships where he has built his stack to a touch over 200,000.

Break it up
11:19 pm 05/08/2016
Players are now on their last 10-minute break of the evening. They will play one more level upon their return. 
Khouiss clings on
11:05 pm 05/08/2016

Sam Khouiss was all-in for his main event life with ace-heart.gifk-spade.gif against the k-diamond.gifk-club.gif of James Camilleri, the Aussie poker veteran staying alive after rivering Broadway.

He moves to 65,000 while Camilleri has since hit the rail.

Lai flying
10:56 pm 05/08/2016


SC16 MED1F1 Darwin Lai.jpg

Darwin Lai has been tournament chip leader since early on in the day's play and he continues to make forward progress despite the occasional scare.

We arrived at his table just in time to find him calling an opponent's shove and looking good to score another elimination with ace-spade.giface-club.gif againstq-diamond.gifk-heart.gif.

The flop was an ugly one for Lai, fallingk-club.gifq-spade.gif2-spade.gif to give his opponent the lead, but a 2-diamond.gif on the river was the counterfeit he needed as he rockets up to 270,000.  

Wakeman soars over 200,000
10:35 pm 05/08/2016

The cut-off opened to 2,800 before the button bumped it up to 6,500. Matthew Wakeman then 4-bet to 15,500 with the cut-off getting out of the way.

The button eventually shoved, however, for around 65,000 as Wakeman called to find his 10-heart.gif10-spade.gif in need of help against j-heart.gifj-club.gif.

None arrived on the 9-diamond.gif9-club.gif4-heart.gif flop but the 10-spade.gif on the turn changed all of that as Wakeman sends his opponent home with a bad beat story to tell.

Wakeman climbs to 220,000 and is one of our chip leaders.