Poker Blog - 7K Day 2

Rory Young wins Sydney Championships $7k Challenge ($143,778)
11:45 pm 04/08/2016


SC16 7K Rory Young WIN.jpg

After two long days, Rory Young has emerged victorious to claim the $7k Challenge here at the 2016 Sydney Championships and a $143,778 top prize.

With 16 of the 71 who started making it through to Day 2, WSOP bracelet winner entered the final day as chip leader and despite the likes of Jared Graham, Daniel Neilson, Billy Argyros, Tom Rafferty and Didier Guerin, at no stage did he look like slowing down as he continued to build on his overnight lead. 

By the time play was 3-way Young held well over half the chips in play and entered heads up with almost a 3:1 chip lead. In the end he was simply too classy as he stormed his way to a highly satisfying win.

Final table results:

1st: Rory Young - $143,778
2nd: Robert Spano - 95,850
3rd: Kamyar Ekrami - $71,888
4th: Dean Boskovic - $47,925
5th: Shane Burns - $35,943
6th: Michael Addamo - $26,359
7th: Daniel Neilson - $19,170
8​​​​th: Nurlan Boobekov - $19,170
9th: Michel Bouskila - $19,170

Robert Spano eliminated in 2nd ($95,850)
11:30 pm 04/08/2016

Having endured 40 minutes of Rory Young gradually chipping away at his stack, Robert Spano took a stand with k-heart.gif10-heart.gif and Young was more than happy to get it in with ace-spade.gif9-club.gif.

Needing some help, Spano briefly stole the lead on the turn and looked set for the double-up but it wasn't tobe as the board ran out q-spade.gif10-club.giface-heart.gifk-club.gifq-heart.gif.


Robert Spano.jpg


Tournament wrap to follow ...

Heads up stacks
10:56 pm 04/08/2016

Rory Young - 760,000
Robert Spano - 310,000

Kamyar Ekrami eliminated in 3rd ($71,888)
10:55 pm 04/08/2016

Robert Spano opened to 25,000 on the button and Rory Young 3-bet to 75,000. Kamyar Ekrami then shoved for 152,000 with Young priced in to call.

Ekrami needed hisace-diamond.gifk-heart.gif to hold against the 8-spade.gif9-spade.gif of Young but the 8-heart.gif6-diamond.gif8-heart.gif10-diamond.gif2-heart.gif board proved his end instead.

We are now heads-up!


Kamyar Ekrami.jpg
Dean Boskovic eliminated in 4th ($47,925)
10:42 pm 04/08/2016

Dean Boskovic had just doubled through Rory Young to give himself some breathing room, but it didn't last too long.

Boskovic shoved again with ace-diamond.gifj-club.gif only to run into the k-spade.gifk-heart.gif of Young.

The board ran out 5-diamond.gifj-spade.gifk-club.gif3-spade.gif8-club.gif to leave us with 3.

Young now has 600,000 of the 1.07 million chips in play.


Dean Boskovic.jpg
Shane Burns eliminated in 5th ($35,943)
10:33 pm 04/08/2016

Robert Spano opened to 16,000 from the button and Shane Burns shoved for 90,000 from the big blind.

Spano made the call in a flash and in great shape to score the knockout with 8-club.gif8-diamond.gif against 5-heart.gif5-spade.gif.

The 2-heart.gifk-heart.gif6-heart.gif flop gave Burns some outs but ultimately bricked out as the field drops to four.

Spano is now sitting behind a decent stack of 300,000.

Michael Addamo eliminated in 6th ($26,359)
10:27 pm 04/08/2016

Michael Addamo shoves his very short stack with 5-heart.gif6-heart.gif and was called by Rory Young with ace-club.gif3-spade.gif.

The board ran out 9-heart.gif3-diamond.gif2-club.gif3-club.gif5-spade.gif to send Addamo home.

Young continues to dominate with over 400,000.


  Michael Addamo.jpg

Ekrami doubles through Addamo
10:22 pm 04/08/2016

After a long stint of short stacks shoving and nobody calling, Michael Addamo shoved in the hijack and was called by Kamyar Ekrami.

It was Ekrami whose tournament life was on the line with 8-heart.gif8-diamond.gif against Addamo's ace-club.gifq-spade.gif but he held on a6-diamond.gif3-spade.gif5-heart.gif2-diamond.gif5-spade.gif board to score a crucial double and move to 240,000.

Addamo is now crippled with just 40,000 remaining.

Burns takes another hit
9:52 pm 04/08/2016
In pre-flop action, Robert Spano moved all-in for his remaining 85,000 and was called by Shane Burns. Spano tabled 5-heart.gif5-spade.gif versus Burn's ace-diamond.gifj-spade.gif. The race was on but Burns couldn't improve as the board ran out k-diamond.gif7-spade.gif2-heart.gif3-club.gif7-club.gif. Spano moves up to 175,000 in chips while Burns continues southward, now on 75,000.
Young actually has more
9:39 pm 04/08/2016

Rory Young, who leads the pack at the final table, actually has a little of 400,000 in chips as the level begins. Where were those extra chips hiding?


Rory Young.jpg
Rory Young