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Adriano Zumbo


Best known country-wide for his croquembouche, macaron tower and V8 cake, Zumbo shot to fame in 2009 with a guest appearance on cooking reality TV program, MasterChef. His unique, sweet creations turned Adriano into a household name.

A self-confessed sweet tooth and chocolate addict, Adriano Zumbo is Australia's best and most popular pâtissier, aiming to 'caramelise' the nation.

Famous for his exceptional skill and use of unique ingredients such as black olive and beetroot, Zumbo injects humour into his exotic sweet desserts, giving them personalities by naming each of his creations: Lukas Rides The Tube, On The Lounge With Zumbo and Ed Knocked Me Up.

Find Zumbo in CafÉ Court